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GRAW2 loosing its sparkle

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I think the game has lost its sparkle because any cheat that exist and all the players who choose to use them, instead of playing honestly and fair play on the servers. It is both unfortunate and sad because I think the game is so good.

To all of you who choose to cheat in the game, I would say that you are killing the game and its game joy that we honest players have.

And it only leads to empty servers and less players out there who choose to play the game online.

Have also noticed that often there is the same person behind many user names, so they can also be member in many clans in order to hide his bad behavior with cheating and other things.

Different username but often same cheater behind them all.

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Sorry to hear that...but hopefully the fresh set of modders has extend it's enjoyable life for you a bit.

I only play LAN games so can not talk to the online experience or who is still active with a good server...however perhaps check out A Gaming Brotherhood http://www.agbgaming.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=172 (Viper) as they seem to have regular games and ban cheaters very quickly?

I am sure there are others who play regularly and punish cheaters.


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I have seen the cheaters as well, but it seems more widely abused with the TvT games than the Coop missions. I actually prefer the Coop missions as my reflexes cannot keep up with some of the folks on the TvT and their maps seem to be the same ones over and over versus some of the work that has been done by the talented map designers.

However, there is still more sparkle left with the development community; so please do not get discouraged!!

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GRAW 2 flopped on the TvT side well over a year ago for me. The coop and SP side though, with a good group of players and some good mods and maps it's like playing a whole new game.

I would just like to point out that Graw2 IMO is really a great functioning game. I have purchase Arma2 and whata flop that is. To be able to go back to Graw2 is really nice to have. All the other FPS, i feel just don't have what Graw2 has either. I always thought Grin did a great job with Graw2. I wish they would be givin a chance on GR4 actually. I play alot of multiplayer TDM, seige. I just am pleased that i can still play somewhat like the old days like with GR pc. To me this is the closest thing to an upgrade to GR pc is Graw2. I am hesitant to purchase [OFP: DR] but probably will. I just would like to let folks know that, don't be surprized if that is a flop too, and you find yourself coming back to Graw2. I hate to bash a game or be negitive, I just think GRIN needs to be apperiated. I feel they do have a very good functioning game with some really top notch graphics and sound is excellent. The problem with cheaters is a problem though.

Respectfully Bill :D

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Hey there guys! I'm O'Neill from the Tactical Gamer Community! I am an administrator on our GRAW2 server and we play many custom coop with our players. We are a community of like minded gamers who strive to play GRAW2 in a near simulation environment. Within Tactical Gamer, ANY activity that capitalizes on the limitations of a game to provide the advantage rather than that advantage coming from superior teamwork, strategy and tactics, is frowned upon. We all want to win when we play, but the focus at Tactical Gamer should be one of winning with some sort of dignity, honor, and skill, not because you were able to out-exploit the other team or box them into a corner built on technological weakness that gives you the advantage. I can tell you that cheaters are NOT tolerated at TG and we would love to have any and all of you play with us. We are not a clan, so anyone can join with us and play at any time. Our server runs custom CO-OP maps(lots by bogie) and we have them all hosted at our site. Visit www.tacticalgamer.com for more information, PM or e-mail me here.

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