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Tales of Valor worth it?

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Hey guys, I'm a big fan of CoH and was wondering whether ToV was worth buying now, or waiting until the price drops. It's $30 at the nearest store. I've heard that it doesn't offer too much in terms of content.

If I do decide to get the game, how does the installation of ToV work? Will I have to uninstall/reinstall the game like with Opposing Fronts?

I took a long break from CoH, but have been playing a lot of Dawn of War 2 3v3 matches with some friends, so I thought I'd play some CoH as well. Turns out that I'm having a little trouble against Easy AI when I went back to play CoH. Either I completely suck now, or the AI got better :lol:

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It's not really worth it, there's no new factions just 3 really short campaigns. Online games are basically the same, there are a couple of new gametypes I think but I haven't really ventured into that.

The supposed new selling point of being able to individually control a specific soldier or tank is basically rubbish/useless, very disappointing.

If you do get it, the installer will uninstall your current installation first.

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I am in on Rocky with that one. Only finished the new american campaign and am back to playing skirmirsh now.

Never thought I'd say that, but I am disappointed in Relic. After the really good AddOn Opposing Fronts I had higher expectations than just a rip-off. ToV is nothing more than just that. The american campaign is nothing but an extended tutorial; I am not exaggerating here.

E3 is close - I hope CoH 2 will be announced then..with proper content like the original. :)

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Put it this way, I got it for £17.99 from Play, and I think I was done.

Like Rookie said, I'm a big fan of what Relic of done with CoH, great game, but with ToV, they totally jumped on the "milk it till it bleeds" bandwagon.

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