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new OGR_map inner city hunting


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after haveing this map flying arround her for ages,

i finaly had the motivation to finish it.

like all of my latest maps you will need teamplay to have a chance.

you gonna have to zeus some adats before you can get to zulu.

the map is big, so i didnt use the respawn ai for the normal mission.

but there are 3 palacios with them, they are optional, so if you dont like it you dont need to go in there.

theres 1 issue with this map,coused by its size.

its useing a hell lot of vram, so if you are experiencing bad lagging, you will need to lower your grafik details.

on my system it takes over 400mb vram on medium quality and if i remember right arround 700mb on high.

this might be my last release. you can grab it here.

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