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Google SketchUp diesel plugin

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I am almost positive 09 and 10 do not have compadible export plugins for the diesel format. Although softpedia.com has a free download for 3ds studio max 7, and i think the official discreet.com website still has the 2008 free trial. If not that im sure softpedia will have a 2008 trial. And as for getting the plugin, if you have not updated graw 1 or graw 2 with the patchs please start from the scratch on updating patchs. You do not want to miss anything, as in say you have graw 2 v1.0 go from 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0 and then after you have fully updated graw with all it's patchs go to ubisoft/graw2/public_tools/maxexporter. You should see it in the primary directory for graws internal files. Graw 2 has the 2008 plugin and graw 1 has the 2007 plugin.

Good luck!

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