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Look at my Babies - They're soo cute :-)

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... almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it :bye:


Took me a few hours, mostly to figure out the XML, but I was able to create my first building and first prop within GRAW2. After not having worked with MAX for 4-5 years, it was almost like riding a bicycle again... and (which was my biggest concern) MAX 7 works with GRAW2; so it doesn't just need to be MAX 8.

So please do not laugh at the textures or the blandness, the focus was just on getting these to work. So perhaps I may need some assistance from you map modders out there over the next few weeks as I attempt to create a map from scratch.

My question for anyone out there, is there any XML scripting guide to map making? Perhaps someone has compiled a list of all of the switches within the prop\landscape\building XML? I did have a few errors the first few attempts, so any prescripted reference materials (besides the one from GRAW1, which I already have) would certainly be helpful.



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OMFG! Now he makes maps too! Is there anything that Bogie can't do ? :zorro:

Well done mate. It's a mountain I have been meaning to climb for some time. Hope you can give me a hand up when I get started.

And look, a whole post without mentioning the wiki... :rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone. Yes, I have stumbled on a few challenges with the props (walking through some of them) and lightmaps with the buildings looked too blocked off. However, nothing like figuring them out through the example of the top map modders here in this forum. So if I cannot figure them out, I'll post with the technical coding. There are just so many moving parts, I feel a little disorgainzed at the moment and haven't found my rythem as of yet.

Thanks again, you are all an inspiration to exceptional map making!!


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