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Russian weaponry modellin thread


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Nothing advanced at all - just playing about with Google SketchUp (it's free)...

Started doing a AK74M - but sadly I lost the file in a major HD crash!

Here's is as far as I got...


So I had to start again - but this time I thought I would do the AK74U (the shorty). Just started so only done the front sight so far...


Will post up the progress on this and hopefully more in a series I plan on Russian weapons.



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Wow, thats nice, and from a free program.

Yes, it ain't all that bad - but there are other free 3D programs out there too - I'm looking into one called Blender at the moment that has a lot more tools and is closer to expensive apps like 3D Max.

I managed to get a little bit more done to my AK74U model yesterday (I can only do a bit at a time unfortunately):-



The next step is the 'wooden' fore grip and then onto the receiver.

BTW - here is what the 'real thing' looks like - this is my airsoft AK74U on which I have based my model:-


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Sketchup is a fantastic visualization tool man, dont knock the work just because of the tool you're using.

If you want to use the asset for games or a render, sure, youll have to remodel it in max or blender or something and fix some more solid topology, but this is a great way to learn to observe forms. Keep it up :)

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