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Lone Wolf Pack: The Vitale Missions

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Bundle Location -> DOWNLOAD HERE

Missions Author: Bogie

File Size: 43.7 Mb

Version: 2.0

Description in the quotes below:


The Lone Wolf Vitale Missions are the first four redesigns of the LAN\Web Coop Vitale Missions scripted with the single or two players in mind. Each redesign of the first four Vitale missions is easier for single play and has the following differences from their coop counterpart:

- Missions on the Network screen are preceded by “coop_LoneWolf_” versus “coop_Bogie_”

- The Fog maps have been replace by the Morning maps

- The initial AI storming of the entry spawning point and critical respawn points have been removed

- AI have been shuffled around within the missions to create a new experience for those familiar with the coop counterparts

- As with the coop missions, the AI are in different locations between the various environments of the same map

- Reduced AI patrols, snipers and mounted 50 caliber weapons for all maps except Operation: Inferno Isle

- All missions can be loaded in conjunction with their coop counterparts

- Fixed a few aesthetic issues such as the dark objects in Market for LAN clients.

- Reduced multiple armor for various missions that made it impossible without team member assistance

The 11 missions in chronological playing order:

- Mercenary Market (Day, Night & Morning versions) Map Design by Whiskey

- Operation: Inferno Isle (Day & Night versions) Map Design by TanAtos B52

- Operation: Forest Encampment (Day, Night & Morning versions) Map Design by TanAtos B52, XdxXdy & Sg.Nly Papo

- Operation: Chaotic Refuse (Day, Night & Morning versions) Map Design by Viper Adder EBDA

Please read the “lone_wolf_vitale.txt” included in the zip file for each mission objectives and the Vitale storyline. Please note that the Lone Wolf Vitale Missions following these four are bundled with their coop LAN\Web counterparts.

These Lone Wolf maps are NOT RECOMMENDED to be installed on the public servers by their administrators for massive online play who should stick to the “coop_Bogie” maps for rotation.

To install, please unzip the coop_bogie_lonewolf_vitalemissions_v2.bundle into your GR:AW2 “custom_levels” directory. To play, enter GR:AW2 and click on “Multiplayer”, then “LAN Only”, then “Create Server”. Select the missions you would like to engage from the left window titled “Levels”. Click the “Add” button between the two windows to put the mission in your map cycle. Click on “Create Server” and enjoy the games.

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No problemo I like the mission structures the flow if you will.The enemy placements and the spawn points

And there playable as a single ghost.As for something I would change ? Its all good.

Pls continue making maps /missions

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Hello IndyAries, thanks for the post.

When we are designing the missions, we can select the type of soldier (Mercenary or Mexican Special Forces) as well as the classification of that soldier (patrol, recon, heavy, light sniper, sniper, heavy sniper, rpg, crew ...) with each of those classifications having their own weapon set that is pulled by random. Example is that if I have a group of 3 AI set to "Recon", they will typically have either the M8 Compact or MP5SD w/scope.

With the Brettzies Weapons Mod, the AI will default to the G36 rifle as a few of the standard weapons have been modified and the AI cannot use them.

As far as modifying the layout of the AI soldiers from a player perspective; you cannot. This is done only at the time of the mission design in the editor.

Did this answer your question?



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Hello BG,

Question answered....wasn't the answer I wanted though. The soldiers seem to always have the same loadout (rifles, grenades or lack thereof, only 1 grenade, etc).

Was hoping that there was a method of actually selecting -- even at the modification level -- my favorite loadout for the various soldier classifications.

Thank you!

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Hoy Bogie, if you were ever in any doubt about the popularity/viability of the lone wolf missions...1139 downloads in a month should confirm it was all worth it!

Lone Wolf Pack: The Vitale Missions

Superb Lone Wolf custom missions for GRAW 2. 1139 24/04/09

Well done mate, obviously alot of solo players out there.


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