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New PC finally arrived!!


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Today I received the rest of the components for my new rig. I was really intimidated about putting together my own PC. I have been around PCs for quite a long time, but never took the leap of faith to assemble one myself. I usually purchased a ready made PC.

I was really surprised how EASY it was. It took me only about 1.5 hours to assemble the hardware. I won't be able to install the OS and other software (GR of course!) until Monday. (It's killing me!!!)

The final rig is ...

ASUS P4G8X Deluxe mobo

P4 2.53 Ghz 533 FSB, 512 L2 Cache Processor

PNY Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB video card

1 GB Crucial PC2100 RAM

LiteOn DVD drive

LiteOn 52X CDRW drive

120GB HHD (Several partitions)

4 80mm case fans (2 front, 2 rear)

17" monitor (CRT)

I think that is it ...... I'm sure I left something out.

Anyway ... I powered it up and got into the BIOS without a problem, so first thing Monday is the software!

I hope I can sleep this weekend!

Thanks to all of you here who have put up with my questions and posts. It is appreciated more than you know. I hope to pass along the knowledge to another some day.

Thanks again ......


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Nice job I just got my first custom build working, after some problems and let me tell you it is great. Trust me you'll be proud of your accomplishment. Sometimes I just sit back, look at my rig and say "I built it", what a great feeling. :rocky:

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See I knew I forgot something! The mobo has on board 6 channel sound.

@Stinger ... you bet I am going to fold. I have been folding for GR.NET since the beginning although I only used my 600MHz PC. That is why my score is so low. It takes FOREVER to complete a 400 work unit!! :)


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Good job T! You see, it's not so hard after all. :lol:

About the sound card: If you like the quality that Realtek delivers, don't worry about purchasing a PCI card, at least for now. Most of the later On-Board chips actually consume less resourses than a PCI model sound card. If this one doesn't work, look at an Audigy Gamer or MP3+ model. You can actually use the Audigy 2 drivers for improved performance with regular Audigy, though your sound quality won't change much (192KHz/24Bit=Audigy2 - 96KHz/24Bit=Audigy).

P.S. Check your Mail. ;)

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