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Was there a GR3 by the way?

I've been waiting for a really good FPS for forever. Though I enjoyed the Halos, I really don't see anything else newish out there worth my time. For those of you who actually liked the Call of Duties, for some rare and peculiar reason, no I most certainly do not enjoy being confined to the train track-forced progress of a game--what a dreadful concept. I'm hoping and praying that I get to be more solo this time without having to select a solo mode. I'm desiring a huge area to explore with randomness and surprises. I've also got see an accurate effect of grenades, for once in my life, please. I'm not demanding anything with bells and whistles, just give me solid play and smart AI--even AI that will actually retreat sometimes or occasionally mess up (like trip or fall down). I also really like the ability to customize a character and be able to give it worth while upgrades. A sweet new weapon might be something like a XM 307 ACSW or maybe even something like a krakatoa. All comments by like-minded warriors welcome, you sniper addict you. :devil:

Some that make my "decent" list:

Half-life 2



Sniper Elite



Halo3 (if it doesn't lock up and allow me to play it)

Perfect Dark

Golden Eye: 007

Unreal Tournament

Want to play:


[as this thread certainly has nothing to do with "GR 4 - Xbox 360" anymore (if it ever did) - I'll move it to the "PC Gaming - FPS" forums]

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OFP:DR is the main game im looking forward to this year. Maybe even more than a new GR! Also Arma 2 if it makes it out on console.


Also highly wanting IL-2! Wish they would make a true Sub Sim (Silent Hunter 3 or a new one) for console. Best i got for now is Battlestaions and that aint the best for sub hunters like me!

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I'm desiring a huge area to explore with randomness and surprises.

Not much to pick from that includes that. Far Cry 2 might fit the bill as it is huge and it's not linear.
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Yeah I would second Far Cry 2 as a shooter to try. It's billed as an open world do anything game but in my opinion, it's a very linear shoot everything FPS. It's fairly cheap now so you might want to check it out. Also, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is fairly cheap now. It has a cover system so it's a little different than other games but still decent.

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It should be right up your alley for a flight sim (?) on the X360. Many though are wondering how close it will follow the PC version of the iL2 franchise.

Yup, thats my main worry too. Even if it ain't its still looking like the only flight Sim on console worth owning. Over G i thought was good/ok, but i needed a flight stick bad. IL-2 is looking great unless they add in them colored here i am boxs everywhere like most these flight games are doing now adays. It just kills the game! Names over the plane are fine, but i hate them boxs! I like to see the planes and how they moven so i know how to attack them. With them boxs you just fellow a box and shoot with no veiw on the enemy to watch how he is going to turn and move. Just a big eye sour! Sorry about the over rant and taken this off topic. I take my Flight Sims and Sub Sims like no other. They are my fav type of games. Yea i know we talking about a console version. I can except alittle dumb down, but i only hope. Its becuase the PC version has to many control options. There is some things that can be cut. Biggest thing to me is how the planes handle! More Sim like the better.

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hey guys...huge map - pretty much go anywhere when you want to? So is Clear Sky and its predecessor a forgotten thing already? Show me a recent FPS that even comes close to the wander lust of those two...but you will pay a toll for your adventures...ok so maybe a hybrid at best...while I really enjoy BIOSHOCK its not open ended by any means and then there is SecuRom to deal with..FEAR 2 is linear but I just played through for the second time...always loved FEAR and even polayed that yet again this week...must be time to play all the HL2 stuff plus execellent mods for SP like Coastline to Atmosphere or Minerva MetaStasis..both with cool HL2 quality maps too..

mig :ph34r:

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AA3 looks good but is it coop or team v team?

Apparently there is …

've played America's Army since it 1st came out many years ago, and still play it regularly. I think it is the best online tactical 1st-person shooter, especially with the newer coop maps. They require actual teamwork to complete the missions...rambo tactics only get you killed. I hope the new one continues those aspects. And I would like to see improvement in how the AI act and in how you interact with vehicles. However, even if all we get is updated graphics, I'll still give it a try and probably end up playing it regularly.

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