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Recruitment Day Public Release

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Bundle Location -> DOWNLOAD PAGE

Mission Author: Bogie

Map Author: [HI] Galor

File Size: 10 Mb

Version: 2.0


The Ghosts have been successful in terminating many of former Captain Vitale’s followers and mercenaries. So much so that now Brother Vitale is holding a Recruitment Day for the Chaos Perfected cult to replenish his supply of violent flesh. According to our inside informant, to join the Chaos Perfected, each applicant must bring a US or Allied Soldier with him for an initiation sacrifice.

We’ve located the area where this initiation is occurring and found out that many of the missing soldiers during the “Assault on Camp Bogie” are being held at this facility awaiting to be sacrificed by Vitale’s men. This has to end.

Your mission:

1 Locate the Informant that has the information on the hostages

2 Rescue the US and Allied Hostages held by Vitale’s men

3 Locate and eliminate Vitale

There are 8 missions within this bundle. The Day, Morning, Night and Fog “coop_Bogie_Recruit” maps are designed for 3-5 online or LAN players. Each map consists of 274 Enemy AI and two Abrams tanks and has been tested on both LAN and Web servers.

The Day, Morning, Night and Fog “coop_LoneWolf_Recruit” maps are designed for the single player or easy play for two gamers. The differences with the LoneWolf versus the standard Bogie operations is that there is no storming at any spawn points, reduced Enemy AI alert levels, reduced mounted .50 cals and reduced AI in general to 199 enemy AI. These “coop_LoneWolf_Recruit” maps are NOT RECOMMENDED to be installed on the public servers by their administrators for massive online play and should stick to the “coop_Bogie_Recruit” maps for rotation.

About 40% of the Enemy AI for each version of the four Fog\Nght maps as well as 80% for the four Day\Morning has been rearranged to provide a different experience each time.

Special Thanks the beta testers: Rocky @ Ghostrecon.net, the graw2.pbwiki.com team, JohnTC02 (AKA Bushmaster), Anthony, TripleX, Porter & Twix from the Army of Lion Guinea Pigs, Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Zero G, EBK52, and Sightreader. Very Special Thanks goes out to [HI]Galor for his exception map making abilities and for the use of his “Abismo de Helm” or “Helm’s Deep” map.

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Hello friendly, I do not understand it :wall: :

1 - I finish eliminating the 100% of mercenary of the outside of castle

2 - I enter the precastle and I kill all the mercenaries that encounter and speak with the informant that it says where encounter to me to hostages

3 - I enter the second enclosure of the castle and eliminate all resistance and !!!NOTHING!!!! I CANNOT RELEASE to the HOSTAGES (need five mts to arrive at checkpoint but the metallic fence prevents it to me)

Please aid? , I want to finish this mission and to follow with The vitae campaign.

Perhaps I must go directly to the castle of the informant and not before to the outside of the castle and clean it of mercenary?

It would not want to return to begin?

Has some one savegame with hostages released?

Very many thanks and you pardon my stupidity guiding my ghost :blush:

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