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bp weapons pack v5.0


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v5.0 Additions

Finally got around to updating GRAW with my latest weapons from GRAW2. I was putting it off for several reasons, but have finally put as much as possible back into GRAW1. I also wanted to see if I could get some of my headgear into the game as well. It's a lot more difficult since you can't attach gear like you can in GRAW2. However, I was able to use the sample character to export new soldiers with different looks. They all share the same head however which isn't the best method, but it works at least. The main addition is the 3 new weapons below.


·available as a primary

·semi auto, burst, and full auto fire modes

·custom tweaked sounds

·suppressor attachment

·susat scope attachment

·working ironsights


·available as primary or secondary

·custom tweaked sounds

·two scope attachments, tac grip, and suppressor

SCAR H Marksman

·available as a primary weapon

·multiple scope attachments

New Look Ghosts

·new gear and unifrom for each Ghost

·ballcap and mich2001 headgear

·used in multiplayer as well as single player

Reverting back to the original uniforms

If for some reason you want to revert back to the original uniforms and headgear but still use the

new weapons, it's very simple to do so. All you have to do is rename or remove a few directories

and files listed below:

To revert to old headgear remove:


To revert to old textures remove:




Not sure too many people are still playing GRAW1, but I've been meaning to put the last batch of weapons I made into it. Haven't really had the energy lately to sit down and work everything out like all the mix and matched animation sets, but I finally took some time and worked it out. Also managed to get in some of the custom head gear and uniforms. It's easy enough to revert back as mentioned above. So, for those of you still playing GRAW1, enjoy! :)


A problem was discovered with some mp maps crashing while using this mod. To fix, delete this folder from the mod, which was leftover from experiments:


I've also updated the zip file to get rid of this folder and its contents and am in the process of updating the download links.



Full Mod: bp Weapon Pack v5.0 - Moddb Link - Fixed

Full Mod: bp Weapon Pack v5.0 - File Front Link - Fixed

Full Mod: bp Weapon Pack v5.0 - GrNet Link - Not Fixed

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Wasn't too difficult to put into GRAW1. The soldiers were kind of tricky, but the weapons came in without too many problems. Seems kind of a shame not to do it since they are some people who still like GRAW1 over GRAW2.

I don't plan on doing a 3rd person version for this one since there are a few floating around that should plug in fairly easily. The only thing I would probably do is tweak the zoom setting on some of the weapons.

Hard to believe GRAW is from 2006....yet you can still discover a few things and once you get modding it's hard to stop.

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Did you took the post-effects off? Which GRAW hud are you using?Thanks in advance

Post-effects on, and it is the GRAW Clean Hud by Shadow=ASP=, but i only used the gui xml's and textures - gui - interface_items dds from graw clean hud and used Brettzies bp_weapons_pack_v5.0 crosshair_scar xml.

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Awesome Screenies Warcloud.

Thanks, glad you like em. Screenies taken using fraps, as you probably know with the frame rate overlay on the screenies. I forgot about the screenshot works ok in graw1 but never been able to use the screenshot in graw2 it just won't work.

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  • 3 weeks later...

If you're having problems with a custom map, try deleting this directory:


The dir was left in by mistake, I should have deleted it since the xmls aren't doing anything. I've fixed the downloads with new zips that don't contain the problem xmls, except for the grnet link, Rocky or someone else will have to do that.

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First off I'm new to this site but a great fan of Clancy's games. GRAW is brilliant. In many ways better than GRAW2 in my opinion. Anyway, I installed the unbundled version of this superb mod on G2 adn was very impressed. I had been running G1 with DPM camo (I'm British and served 12 years in the Brit Army) plus the SCAR mod. No probs. I then uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled it updating to 1.20. I then installed this mod wp 5.0 It fails to load. Here is the crash message:

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.20


onfoot.dsf(-1): cant find member: get_modifier

in type <void>













What is the problem? The game runs fine when started normally, but clicking on the wp bat file gives me the intro vid (nice) then I choose Campaign then Start New Campaign. It waits for ages "loading" then an I shaped cursor appears. CTL ALT DEL gives me this crash message.

As an aside, I would like a mod that allows me to pick up extra Barret ammo from .50 cal machine guns just like picking up ammo off enemies. It's the same round after all. And one to replenish grenades from dead enemies.

Keep up the good work Brettzie! And please help with this crash.

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Crash in application version: grpcrc1.20

The last version of graw was 1.35. That's probably the issue. Good luck.

I had been running G1 with DPM camo (I'm British and served 12 years in the Brit Army)

You should be able to add your camo after installing the latest patch and mod. It will just overwrite the ones I put in.

Edited by Brettzies
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Yep, that did the trick. Super mod. Kudos. The DPM mod, however, only added the British pattern to the Barret, LMG and SCAR, not to the soldiers. No biggy.

How can I run the VIP 2 Redux mod with this pack? As I understand it, your weapons packs launch a completely new version of the game ignoring or bypassing the local/english folder and its contents. Should I put the Mission 3 xml mod into your weapon pack folder somewhere?

Again, many, many thanks for breathing new life into an old but great game.

General OB1

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I've been wondering whether there are any OICW or MK11 type weapons in any of the GRAW mods. Unfortunately, I haven't found any buddies who play the GRAWs, so the only mods I've ever installed have been the coop maps. It seems that I have been missing out on a lot of good stuff. Does anyone know of a 'favorite GRAW mods' thread. Where ppl posted what's best for these titles?

I know there's a bunch of mods in the DL section here, but when I go to play coop, most servers are just using the maps modders have created. Unless I'm missing something?

GRAW is a lot of fun if you have someone on comms in coop, but it gets stale quick for me in campaign alone.

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hi Mark,

some one started a list of Weaponmods here in the Forum, but its not up to date.

As for servers you are right, most of them dont use mods.

I'm running the Fronturlaub dedicated Server what's going to be moded in near future.

Thats the big question............WHY dont the GRAW servers out there use Brettzies weapons mods all the time, as this guy has put heart and soul into these games and it would be a fitting tribute to his skills and time spent i think ?

Its very annoying to install the weapon mod and find you cant get onto any servers because they arent running it...........what is it with these people ? Dont they know a good thing when they see it ?

Makes me fume !


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I guess most Servers are not useing mods due to anti-cheat.

Some Players are lagging when I have anti cheat enabled on my Server.

So the anti cheat is off, and people what don't have the mod can crash it.

I seen the D.O.W. Server is running with Brettzies 4.0 Mod in the moment,

and my Fronturlaub Server is up 24/7 with the GRAW Modcombination -RC1-.

I really love the Weaponmods, they make it a complete new Game. :thumbsup:

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  • 6 months later...

Well ive been playing some GRAW again, on triplehead (it looks incredible at super wide resolution) plus some mods and tweaks, and i must say a big thanks to brettzies, this mod is simply fantastic :thumbsup: , ill open a thread soon with many 5040x1050 screenshots on tpv / fpv, plus some additional stuff, maybe a new version of "Pushing the oldie to the limit" i posted some days ago concercing Ghost Recon.

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