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What does the Bravo team do?

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They hold at the insertion point until alpha is obliterated, then you switch to bravo team and press on, lol. I think we'd all be surprised how many people play that way too.

Seriously, just give them waypoints and ROE via the map. You'll love some of the comments they make when you give them longer paths........my favorite is "we'll write when we get there".

Multiple teams is probably the single most important thing missing in the GR sequels.

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Personally, I quite like soul jumping into the various team leader positions and micromanaging stuff (but then i'm not much good at playing GR even after all these years :P )

just hit 1, 2 or 3 as shortcuts and you'll jump into the boots of A,B or C team leader (and you can go from there) you might give them the odd waypoint if you think there are good odds they'll not meet people with guns (they're scary)

I usually play 3 two man teams as: A= assault, B= demo or assault 2, c= sniper or sniper/demo according to the mission

remember to change the movement and ROE settings as required (4, 5 & 6 are universal "hold", "advance" and "go and do something stupid", while 7, 8 & 9 are universal "recon", "attack" & "waste all your ammo" modes

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When GR first came out my brother and I used to play vs. mode against each other using the AI backups. I don't think i've ever seen another game that allowed you to do that. You basically get to play with the "soul jumping" aspect the same as in single player but against a human player who's doing the same. I've always wished that more people were into playing GR that way. It's fun setting up ambushes with your teams. The command map fully works just as in single player but you're playing MP, it's fun as hell. I definitley recommend it to anyone who has a close friend that they like to play vs. with. I really need to find someone to play that style with again.

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