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Tales of Valor on its way!

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I'm getting the game next week probably. Do you guys have any idea if ToV is just an add-on, or will we have to uninstall and reinstall like we did with OF?

I am really keen to find that out too, but mine did not arrive today so I can't say for sure.

I read that it uninstalls your current CH first though.

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Uff, so I just got my first taste of Tales of Valor!

Played the Causeway-campaign first, when you command infantry units and can improve them with command-points. Just when I got the hang of it after about one hour, the campaign already was complete! Didn't play another campaign yet, but that surely was disappointing. Guess I am a bit scared now, because maybe the other campaigns will be just as short.

Will be interesting to see though, how the new command-system works out in skirmirsh.

Other than that it's a solid Relic RTS-experience....but slowly I feel the need for Relic to move on to the modern warfare with the CoH-franchise. ^_^

Will post more impressions with the other campaings, when I played them. :thumbsup:

Oh, you can uninstall your company of heroes and opposing fronts first.

When you install ToV it will recognize the save-games and connect the stats with your account, so that both campaigns will be automatically unlocked when you get into ToV for the first time. Your system settings will also be ported.

Just make sure you patch ToV first thing after installation. ;)

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I am still waiting for mine DAMN!

Interesting about the uninstall, I had read that somewhere else too. So I guess I can uninstall (hopefully without a problem), then do a quick defrag before ToV arrives.

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