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GR in [windowed mode, not centered on monitor]


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Hi All,

Running GR1 in windowed mode(options file/graphics section; full screen set to false). The GR1 window is not centered on my monitor; how do I get it centered? I am losing portions of the HUD and area that shows what weapons selected. Are there other values, in the options file, that I can change?

Thanks for your help, Jim

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If you are doing this because of the CTD at Start problem that had to do with the Fullscreen resolution of the Menus , I just tried changing the false to true in the XML Options file (the downloaded one which is a solution for the CTD problem) and the game ran perfectly in full screen mode! w00t

Apparently after the first running of the game, the video card can handle the graphics resolutiions fine. It's the first time that requires you to put in the downloaded Options XML file. After that you can edit the file back to full screen and run the game with no problems.

However, backup the options XML file first.

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