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Hawx [Mod] 2nd Plane Skins and Extra Planes


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There seems to be problem with the extra plane mod, When I reached level 28 while using this mod nothing was unlocked for some reason. Could be an error on my behalf. I'll do some more testing.

EDIT::: Well i started a new game and got past level 1 and I unlocked the Mig-25 while using your mod. So everything seems to be in order.

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Hello i hope you get my message and answer me back I need help. I have hawx for pc

In the instructions where you say

#1( Rename inicache.bin to inicache.bin.bak) is It means Rename inicache.bak only or inicache.bin.bak?

#2(Drop DataInis.pak into your HAWX folder) is It means copy and paste in the main HAWX FOLDER?

#3 (Copy Over the Data folder from this archive) is it means copy and paste the Data from the planes pack to my Data game folder?

I am in level 27 now do I need to delete and start over my HAWX in order to install this plane pack in my game ?

Please I need help

thank you

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