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Hawx [Mod] 2nd Plane Skins and Extra Planes


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2 Skins Planes + DLC/VIP Planes

2 Skin Planes and Extra Planes + 2 New Planes

2 different versions, as the 2nd (2 new modelled planes) may corrupt your profile and move you onto Level 40 and prevent you from unlocking other planes. If you want to try the new planes out, you can nab this WORKAROUND that will unlock all the planes for you.

Planes with 2nd Skins


All Planes can now have a 2nd Skin

New Planes



EDI Stealth

Extra Planes are






















Rename inicache.bin to inicache.bin.bak

Drop DataInis.pak into your HAWX folder

Copy Over the Data folder from this archive

Run the Game


The 2nd Skin for the EA-6B is just there to show that you can select another skin. I will be adding more skin2's for the other planes.

If you have got the 'Hawx_Mission_Any_Unlocked_Plane' this will replace it, I haven't included the mission unlock stuff in this mod yet

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2nd Skins and Extra Planes

RF-15 Peak Eagle, can now have 2 Skins

any request for a particular plane to be done next?

Nice one.


Does this mean that we can have the stock skin and a modded skin selectable from in the game for those planes now?

..Yep this will mean you can have a stock skin and a mod skin for every plane in the game, shouldn't take me to long to complete

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Great mod man! :)

Heres the small mod i've done for the thumbnail images:


i am right in saying that if you extract the files from that zip into the data folder (the zip contains the menus2 folder and textures\menus2 folders) it wont delete anything that its not replacing?

the file in the first menus2 folder is basically your "default_planes.lua" file which i've changed the coordinates of and file name location for the thumbnails for EDI and the J10. The other folder contains the modified thumbnails image renamed to what EDI and the j10 will now recognise.

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Hello, I am new to this mod stuff for HAWX...does the mod above unlock all the planes as well as add the 2 extra planes in game without affecting my "campaign" or XP? The reason for asking is I am just now starting the game and would love to have all planes unlocked without having the "campaigns" already completed.

Thank you

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