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Been a long time since an update. I have had luck with the sig556 and the Springfield Xd by getting them in game but the texture problems they have are just too much of a headache. I'm not an expert at troubleshooting texture errors. For instance the whole weapon was perfect but, like the little cracks under the scrope rail that connect the rail to the upper reciever were always shiny and had lines all over them. Then the springfield xd had silly lines in the tiny nooks and crannys everywhere. So lately i designed a M14 Dmr stock and have had tremendous luck. Looking forward to realeasing this one real soon. Then later on throwing in the guns (i've stopped working on) to update this sniper mod. And to keep it real simple i was just going to use the M99 scope for the M14's optics and there is already an M14 mag in game. There was some trial with the m99 scope but you just have to sike the game into thinking it is a aimpoint by altering the aimpoint files just a little bit (units category to be specific) and it can virtually go on any gun with a scar animation.

M14 Dmr 7.62x51mm

Leupold Bipod.



Be honest what do you think about the stock?! ugly or pretty?

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You guys are gonna like this one. I did the whole upper and lower reciever today, grip trigger everything. Kind of cheated by taking the stock and forearm of my M16 off and putting them where it needs to be but turned out as a nice weapon




Now comes the scary part, uv maps :(

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There is a UV for the sig556 but there is no UV for the Springfield, i'm still working on getting a Map for that gun. Also im working on getting a stern UV map for that sr25 and M14 Dmr. I know there is this program for maya and max 2008/09 but i use 2007. Anyway it's called umbrella and it is supposed to automatically unwrap 3d models. I'm researching this and im probally gonna download a trial for maya. So if this works out we'll have a decent weapons pack. If you do have some texturing experience Derrelient, please feel free to send me a pm and i'll include you in this weapons mod. I can use all the help i can get. I'll post some screens soon.

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As soon as i get a hold of a good unwrapping program

I know that it's really boring, frustrating, and... boring, but the best UVs come out after you make it by hand. Programs are good and all, but by an experienced hand is always much better.

Try looking online for tutorials on unwrapping for whatever modeling program you use.

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