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HAWX Modding inicache


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Hi there,

I'm trying to get my head around modding this here. I'm trying to edit the weapon groupings available - for example, I'd like to replace the Joint Strike missile with something else in certain setups. I had a look through the inicache, and can't seem to find anything that would let me do this.

I'm also looking for a way to be able to change the view back to cockpit when in OFF mode (that 3rd person rubbish is exceedingly annoying).

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks. :)

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The entities.mdl can now be modified, I added a dem_Mig-33_Fulcrum_skin2_player to it and the game can read the model. Can't seem to get the extra skin to work though, must be a setting I am missing

I have added skin2 .dat and .ini files must be something locked in another file any ideas?

How were you able to open the .BIN files? WinRAR won't work like it does with the .PAK files. Also, is there a way to read the .MPACK files other than note/wordpad? Those don't read it well. I got the extractor for the entities.mdl file but cannot open the .BIN files inside. There's a number of files in there, including weapon pack references. I've tried everything I can think of, WinRAR, MagicISO, and some others and it's clearly not an archive or disc image. So HOW do you read the .bin files? :( :( :(

BTW I'm new here. Just came from the UBI forums where the most modding done seems to be skins. Which I am thankful people are doing.

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