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This is a comment about PC Patching in general, not specifically Company of Heroes.

Relic just released a 50Mb patch for Company of Heroes, a game that has been out for a few years now I think. Just look at the list of fixes and improvements, that's quite impressive for a game that came out in 2006 (I think). Anyone aware of any other 3 year old games that receive such a level of support?

Company of Heroes


v2.400 03/24/2009

***** Online *****

- Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.

- Reduced latency, improved connectivity, memory leaks.

- Fixed permissions for some of the Lobby UI.

- -port (port #) command line extension. With this command you can specify the port Company of Heroes uses to connect. This is especially helpful for players on the same LAN.

- Updated BugSplat. Anti-virus programs should dislike it less now.

- Resolved some network issues with joining games.

- Fixed the ping display in the game list to update correctly.

- Relic Downloader is now active. (It can be located in your system tray, and is only active while the game is running.)

- Fixed a number of issues with the Network Library. Connectivity should be improved.

- Resolved an issue that would cause simulation to pause and sync errors in-game.

- Host Proxy added.

- Fixed multiple network related crash bugs and connection issues.

- Fixed server exception that occurred when resetting an account password if the password had at least one Unicode character.

- Fixed for a crash that occurred when joining a game that was quickly created and destroyed by the host.

- Tuned automatch to adjust skill ratings faster when players beat much higher rated opponents.

- Failure to find an automatch control record is now a fatal error when automatch polling, and is handled correctly by client.

- Fix for bug that accidentally deleted the automatch control record when attempting to join an automatch.

- Fixed a bug where the automatcher would not use the correct skill ratings for random searches.

- Fixed memory leak inside the network library when posting game results to the server.

- Joining a game or automatch team now forces the ping to always be retested (Fix for a join failure causing all further attempts to fail for the next 60 seconds).

- Fixed a crash caused by an incoming chat message while still loading the Main Menu after coming back from a game.

- Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when sending a chat message.

- Fixed multiple random crashes (and trailing random characters) that occurred when sending/receiving whispers.

- Fix for having a banned key of a product that prevented you from adding a new key of the same product.

- Fix to allow a user with an unbanned product to play even if a previous product was banned.

- Fix to allow adding a key to your account even if you are banned.

- Gamelisting screen consolidates events and will only update the UI at most once per tick (making it much more responsive).

- Gamelisting screen now updates immediately whenever pings change (as opposed to only when the user clicks refresh).

- Fix for Stats not counting when someone ends the RelicCOH process using Task Manager.

- Fix for Inviting people to a team too quickly adding a ghost version of a player.

- Fix for UI not updating to show stats changes for team wins or losses right away.

- UI updates the ping in the game setup screen every 5 seconds.

- Arbitration message now shown to someone who disputes the game results.

- Fix for changing chat channels too quickly putting a user into a bad state.

- Chat channel list now show in alphabetical order.

- Fix for the stats popup sometimes not opening when clicking on a player's name in the game listing screen.

- Fix for the game getting stuck 'consolidating players' when multiple people drop simultaneously.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when a chat message was received while transitioning from game setup screen to game loading screen.

***** Fixes *****


- Fixed planes spawning from center of map.

- Planes will no longer path along the ground killing squads.

- When receiving VP Ticker warnings and the opponent team has multiple Armies in it the player will no longer receive multiple Ticker warnings simultaneously.

- Fixed a number of quite obscure in-game crashes.

- When crushing Tank Traps,tanks will now receive a speed reduction on the specific tank that crushed the Tank Trap.

- Streamlined the voice configuration options to 32, 64 and 128 voices.

- All mine and Goliath drop abilities can now be used on bridges.

- All mine and Goliath drop abilities now use a ghost preview instead of a circular UI element prior to placement.

- Vickers Nests will no longer leave behind a 'no fire' zone when destroyed while a unit is in its line of fire.

- AI will no longer dodge artillery impeccably.

- Added a number of anti-cheat measures.

- Fixed issue with garrisoning windmills.

- Windmills can have demolition charges placed on them properly.

- Some small footbridges have been tuned to ensure that they are properly destroyable.

- British and American Infantry will properly repair points that have been Scorched by Panzer Elite squads.

- Soldiers trapped by defenses (sandbags, barbwire, etc.) will no longer become non-functional when ordered to man an emplacement.

- A team will no longer turn all one color after a skirmish/multiplayer match is over if the team color is selected.

- AI no longer uses abilities such as such as sector artillery, gliders, etc in illegal situations.

- There was a small inconsistency among about 10% of null points that had a different capture speed than the majority. These have been brought up to the standard capture time.

- Fixed a bug where planes would not exit the world map.

- Fixed a bug where resources would not be generated in counter-attack missions during the campaigns.

- Fixed a bug where hills would prevent artillery from firing.

- Fixed an exploit where some artillery could have its cost refunded after use.

- Some abilities which had finicky range issues will now be less finicky (repair, booby traps, etc.).

- Unconstructed buildings no longer briefly increase their sight range on death.

- Units with 'extended sight' such as the Vampire will now detect camouflaged units on the mini-map.

- Fixed a bug with Goliath accuracy against American Airborne Infantry to match all other infantry.

- Moved UI elements from In-Game screen such that objectives, chat text, and alerts do not overlap.

- Fixed an issue where reinforced squad members were not receiving veterancy bonuses.


- AI improvements to the Americans.

- Fixed an issue where the 105mm Howitzer Team firing range is shown incorrectly on the mini-map.

- Riflemen will now be affected by Rapid Response.

- Airborne Strafing Run no longer favors firing to one side.

- Fixed a bug that enables multiple squads of Riflemen with differing veterancy levels able to throw Sticky Bombs without selecting them separately.

- Fixed a bug that reimburses munitions spent on Armor Piercing Rounds for Browning HMGs, if they pack up the MG before the ability runs out.

- Fixed a bug that refunded the cost and resets the cooldown of the Airborne Bombing Run if the bomber was shot down before releasing its payload.

- Clicking repeatedly on the Supply Yard will no longer select American M10s.

- Sniper veterancy does not block out the camouflage ability anymore.

- American mortar teams can use US halftracks as transports.


- AI Improvements to the Wehrmacht.

- Wehrmacht Vehicle veterancy received accuracy while moving modifiers now scales to the size of the vehicle.

- Wehrmacht Puma 'received accuracy while moving' modifiers from veterancy now reduced.

- Wehrmacht Halftrack 'received accuracy while moving' modifiers from veterancy reduced.

- Repair Bunker's Repair Pioneers will now repair AT Guns and Flak 88 cannons.

- All Wehrmacht Captured Weapon teams will obtain veterancy when researched from the Kamptkraft center for their respective veterancy types.

- Knights Cross Holders will now retain veterancy bonuses after reinforcing.

- Fixed a bug when Wehrmacht Grenadiers would sometimes lose the ability to upgrade to Panzerschrecks.

- Fixed the minimum damage range of V1 rockets.

- Wehrmacht medical kit moved to a different slot in the UI to prevent conflict with the rally point in Garrisoned building.

- Fixed an ownership issue with the Firestorm ability.

- Fixed a bug where Registered artillery could be cast on unconstructed buildings.

- Nebelwerfer will properly get veterancy modifiers to barrage recharge time when recaptured.

- Fixed issues with V1 not dropping properly on a specified location.


- Over Repair ability will now display spinning wrench FX on the target if it was injured and is under repair.

- Over Repair has been affected in the following ways:

- The health bonus maximum has been reduced.

- The rate at which the bonus health decreases (decay) has been increased.

- The threshold at which decay no longer applies has been lowered.

- British Over Repair will now Over Repair different health amounts depending on the size of the vehicle.

- 25 Pounder Emplacements set to Counter-battery will not fire on infantry that use grenades.

- British Resource modifiers will no longer give an unintended munitions bonus to points that were not munitions points.

- British Priest Barrage now uses the same mini-map and tactical-map icon as the standard 25 Pounder version of the Overwatch Barrage ability.

- British Command Tank Creeping Smoke Barrage will now indicate ability range on the mini-map.

- British Emplacements captured by other armies will no longer obtain veterancy.

- British Troops will not retreat to the British HQ while it is mobile.

- Fixed corrupted fuel and munitions resource rates when a British Captain with 3rd level of veterancy moved from one territory to another.

- When the British Forward Observation Officer's is killed, his Artillery will continue to fall. The Officer must remain stationary for 2 seconds after casting the ability.

- Cromwell Flank Speed now requires the engine to not be damaged or destroyed.

- Infantry will receive the proper fatigue modifiers after the effects of Heroic Charge wear off.

- Overwatch projectile will not explode below the ground any more.

- British Sandbags are now treated the same as all other sandbags with regards to crushing.

- Fixed an issue with Overwatch and some British buildings that caused the shells to impact the buildings before arriving at the target destination.

- British Recon squad now only detects mines when stationary.

- Overwatch cancel on Mortar emplacements shows the correct icon.

- British Lieutenant has his shortcut key fixed for Heroic Charge.

- Fixed a bug with the Captain's modifiers that allowed them to stack when moving through friendly territories.

- British Command Tank's Creeping Smoke Barrage, once triggered, will no longer refund resources if canceled.

- British gliders can no longer crush infantry.

- Fixed cooldown modifiers on British Creeping Barrage Company Commander bonuses.

- The firefly no longer uses the Sherman vehicle wreck.

- Churchill's Tank Shock has been fixed to work much more consistently. It is now a timed ability that suppresses infantry around it for a given duration.

- Minor changes to the movement modifiers for the recon Infantry Section.

- Numerous Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite upgrades, buildings, and squads were not revealed by the Ultra Decryption ability on the British Royal Commando Commander Tree. This has been fixed.

Panzer Elite

- Kettenkrads no longer run away from Jeeps. This fixes the exploit of players using Jeeps to block Kettenkrad movement.

- Multiple Squads can no longer booby trap the same building.

- Panzer Elite Group Zeal will no longer affect enemy and allied infantry.

- Panzer Elite Overdrive ability now requires an engine that is not damaged or destroyed.

- The Vampire now toggles properly when ownership of a territory changes while active.

- Panzer Elite cannot delete their base defenses.

- Panthers for both the Wehrmacht and the Panzer Elite use the correct model when rebuilt by Bergetiger.

- Panzer Elite Sector artillery cannot be targeted on your or your ally's HQ territory.

- Removed Goliaths' ability to gain or provide shared veterancy upon destruction.

- Panzer Elite Marder III now has its Site Main Gun shortcut key re-enabled.

- Fixed veterancy not applying to the Hummel Barrage cooldown at level 3.

- Fixed a bug where Panzer Elite Henschel attacks were auto-firing both weapons instead of auto-firing one and auto-targeting with the other.

- Fixed Panther Battlegroup button visibility when Panzer Elite HQ is destroyed.

- Advanced repair upgrade now affects the Kettenkrad's repair ability.

- Fixed issue where garrisoned squads inside the 250 Halftrack would receive area of effect damage when they should not.

***** Audio *****

- Fixed incoming projectile sounds.

- Collisions between physics objects now produce material-specific sounds. *this system is not perfect, and is meant to supplement the regular destruction audio (ie: a sound will not play for every collision, only those with a large enough velocity/mass). It's fun to push around debris with vehicles though.

- Nebelwerfers have new and much improved sound FX.

- Reduced volume on BAR to sit better in the mix, as well as many other smaller mix refinements.

- Tweaked and changed some of the large cannons back to previous firing sounds based on community feedback.

- Fixed the firing volume of Greyhound.

- P47 - Fixed bug where plane engine sounds continued after the plane was shot down.

- Firing sound for Off-map Artillery has been added.

- Artillery explosions now heard at distance.

- Added 'wet road' surface sound for vehicles driving in the rain (and squishy footsteps).

- Fixed the Halktrack Quad 50 and 20mm Flakvierling firing sound.

- The Vampire Halftrack now shuts off its engine while stealing resources.

- 'Echo' has been fixed. Try the reverb again, it's been tweaked (Dual Core+ Only).

- Tiger engine turned down.

- Volksgrenadiers and MG42 have had their speech fixed.

- Sherman 75mm and 76mm fire sounds replaced and are now awesome.

- Many sound improvements have been made to the Tiger, Jagdpanther and King Tiger.

- Menu now randomizes music between two original Company of Heroes pieces and Opposing Front's main theme.

- Radio effect modified - no more piercing resonance!

***** Gameplay *****


- A team-resource modifier has been added to all teams. Teams of two share 99% resources; teams of three share 98% resources; teams of four share 97% resources.

- Tank Traps under construction have had their health reduced.

- Distance reduced in which Tank Trap 'ghost' is replaced with the actual object under construction.

- Weapons will now auto-target defenses (Barbed Wire, Tank Traps, Sand Bags) while they are under construction.

- All Tank Main Guns now have an equal chance to target the crew of a Towed AT Gun as they do of targeting the AT Gun directly. Prior to this they would consistently choose the AT Gun itself as the main target, dramatically reducing the life expectancy of the AT Gun in a head-to-head confrontation with a Tank. Tank Guns that prefer infantry in general (Ostwind Flakpanzer, 20mm cannons, etc.) will still prefer to fire at the Infantry rather than the AT Gun itself.

- Anti-tank class weapons (specifically the 37mm Pak 35, 50mm pak 38, 75mm pak 40, 17 pounder, 57mm) are now less accurate against infantry.

- Infantry Anti-tank class weapons (specifically Bazookas, Panzerschrecks, Recoilless Rifles) previously had a flat 50% damage reduction vs. Wehrmacht targets upgraded with Armored Skirts, this has been changed over to a 25% damage reduction and 25% penetration reduction.

- Tank gun targeting priority increased significantly vs. Marder IIIs.

- Mine and Butterfly Bomb short and medium range accuracy and area of effect accuracy increased.

- Mines are deadlier to retreating units.

- Vehicle dropped mines (i.e. M8 Greyhound) short and medium range accuracy increased.

- On-map artillery weapons (British 25 Pounder, American M2 105mm, Hummel) and Off-map artillery (Rocket Barrage, Firestorm, Forward Observer Artillery) now have standard penetration values against the rear armor of a number of armored vehicles.

- AT guns (Wehrmacht Pak 38, American 57mm, etc.) are less accurate versus other AT guns.

- Tank Guns, Artillery, AT Guns, and Rockets do slightly less damage (-10%) to Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite tanks with armored Skirts.

- The time it takes to repair a Scorched strategic point has been increased, with the exception of engineer types (Engineers, Sappers, Pioneers, and Panzer Grenadiers) who take less time to repair a point than before.

- The guns for the Bofors, Flak 38, 222 Armored Car, and 234 Armored Car all have decreased accuracy against infantry garrisoned in buildings.

- Barbed Wire and Sandbags can no longer be scuttled.


- American Rangers and Airborne 'Fire-Up' ability now causes a 10 second exhaustion after use. Exhausted units move slower for the duration and have a slower rate of fire.

- American Anti-tank and MG gun Armor Piercing Round abilities only show up for an American Player.

- Browning HMG damage modifier vs. Panzer Elite, British soldiers increased by 33%.

- Sherman Calliope Barrage ability cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds for each level of veterancy.

- American Strafing Run ability arrival delay increased by 1/2 a second.

- American Sherman and M3 Halftracks now benefit from vehicle cover.

- Paratroopers and Rangers have their upkeep increased by 20%.

- M10 main gun range increased by 12%.

- Some upgrades now increase the rate at which Riflemen gain veterancy (specifically: BARS, Sticky Bombs, Supply Yard production).

- American War Machine from Armor Company Commander cost decreased from 250 to 200 munitions.

- American Self Repair from Armor Company Commander cost decreased from 200 to 150 munitions.

- 90mm Pershing main gun area of effect increased 66%.

- 90mm Pershing main gun effectiveness vs. Panzer IV and Panther armored skirts slightly reduced by about 5%.

- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun area of effect increased by 50%.

- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun has increased penetration versus Panzer IV, Panther, and Stugs with armored skirts.

- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun has increased penetration overall, by about 10%.

- American Machine Gun nest cost adjusted to 200 manpower and 15 fuel from 240 manpower to 10 fuel.

- American Machine Gun nest weapon does marginally increased suppression.

- American Machine Gun nest weapon cooldown is marginally shorter.

- American 76mm Sherman main gun area damage tuned.

- American .30 Cal HMG squad veterancy requirements reduced for level 2 and level 3 veterancy.

- American 60mm Mortar damage modifier increased by 75% vs Panzer Elite and British soldiers.

- American 60mm mortar weapon health has tripled (this is the gun, not the entire squad).

- American Airborne can now upgrade their Recoilless Rifles in enemy-owned or neutral territory.

- American 57mm AT gun penetration modifier vs. Jagdpanther increased by 10%.

- American M10 main cannon penetration increased 20% vs. Jagdpanther.

- American Sherman 76mm upgraded gun penetration increased 20% vs. Jagdpanther.

- American Mortar Smoke Barrage ability fires more rounds than before.

- American Pershing gets increased penetration (approximately 35%) on its main gun when the 76mm Gun upgrade is researched at Tank Depot (note, help text has not been localized).

- American Fire-up ability time increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, but is reduced by 15 seconds at each level of veterancy.

- American M3 Halftrack health increases by 20% when upgrading to the Quad .50 cal.

- American Bazooka damage reduced vs. Wehrmacht Halftracks, 234 Armored Cars, M8 Greyhounds, American M3 Halftracks by about 20%.

- American Bazooka accuracy vs. moving armored vehicles modifier is slightly reduced.

- American 60mm Mortar Barrage's scatter was tuned.

- 105mm Howitzer Barrage ability's firing cone reduced by 68% and range reduced by 9%.


- Reduced cost of Firestorm to from 200 to 160 munitions.

- Firestorm damage over time modified to have a decreased radius, but a longer minimum duration and much lower damage frequency.

- Firestorm is less accurate and less damaging to all buildings.

- Firestorm falls more quickly after being requested.

- Firestorm sight radius reveal timer reduced.

- Improved the MP40 medium range accuracy by 225%.

- At veterancy level 2, Volksgrenadiers get a +10 meter sight range addition.

- Wehrmacht 234 Armored Car weapon range bonus at veterancy level 2 replaced with a sight range bonus.

- Wehrmacht Panzerfaust damage modifier reduced (-45%) vs. American and British heavily armored vehicles.

- Wehrmacht Knights Cross Holders now capable of camouflaging (for when they re-capture a Pak 38), but they do not have a new ability.

- Wehrmacht Knights Cross Holder squads reinforce time down from 30 seconds to 15 seconds per soldier.

- Nebelwerfer burning ground does not damage heavy armor and has significantly reduced damage to light armor.

- Nebelwerfer burning ground damage does not kill heavy or light armor.

- Minimum burning ground damage duration on the Nebelwerfer increased to 10 seconds.

- Nebelwerfer can be repaired.

- Stormtrooper suppression recovery now matches that of a Grenadier squad, previously they had recovered from suppression roughly 4-5 times slower.

- Wehrmacht Sdkfz 234 Armored Car first level veterancy bonus changed from a -15% received enemy accuracy bonus to a -15% received damage bonus.

- Wehrmacht 234 Armored Car max speed increased by 10%.

- Wehrmacht Flammenwerfer upgrade cost reduced from 100 to 75 munitions.

- Panzerschreck chance to drop decreased by 50%.

- Wehrmacht infantry retain their veterancy on recaptured Wehrmacht weapons (Nebelwerfers, MG42 HMGS, Mortars, Flak 88s)

- Werhmacht Stuka rockets damage reduced against British and Panzer Elite targets by 25%.

- Panzerschreck accuracy vs AT guns reduced.

- Panzerschreck damage vs Panzer IVs reduced.

- Wehrmacht Mortar Smoke Barrage ability fires more rounds than before.

- Wehrmacht Stuh with armored skirts benefit from the same frontal armor improvements as regular Stugs.

- Wehrmacht Stug main gun tracking speed increased by 66%.

- Wehrmacht Stuka Halftrack rocket barrage increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds; it decreases by 10 seconds for every level of veterancy.

- Wehrmacht 8cm mortar weapon health has tripled (this is the gun, not the entire squad).

- The Stug has its front armor improved by roughly 20%.

- Panzerfaust damage vs. Bren Carriers reduced by 13%.

- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite tanks with armored skirts are more resistant to infantry AT.


- British 25 Pounder Howitzer Overwatch Barrage now has a 1 second increased delay between firing rounds.

- Slowed British 25 Pounder Overwatch projectile.

- British 3" Mortar supercharge range reduced by 15%. Overwatch set to the same max range.

- British Overwatch Barrage now has 40 second duration and 40 second recharge time.

- British 25 Pounder emplacements and Priests have their supercharge and Overwatch ranges reduced by 10%.

- Reduced cost of British Glider HQ from 340 to 200 manpower.

- British Anti-tank Armor Piercing Round ability only shows up for British players.

- British Captain's Victor Target ability must now be targeted within 45 meters of the Captain.

- British Tetrarch main gun area-of-effect radius slightly reduced, slightly reducing effectiveness vs. infantry targets.

- British Tetrarch Littlejohn Adapter has increased penetration rates vs. all Armor by 20%.

- British Sherman Firefly Tank Commander upgrade cost increased from 10 to 30 munitions.

- British PIAT launcher scatter radius reduced.

- British PIAT reload tuned.

- Artillery Barrage cooldowns have been increased across all British Artillery. Note, most upgrades for Royal Artillery reduce these incrementally.

- British Creeping Barrage cooldown increased by 15 seconds. Range reduced to 225 meters.

- Doubled the amount of fuel drain required by Flank Speed.

- British Churchill 6 pounder Gun has 30% better penetration vs. Hummel, Jagdpanther, and Hetzer.

- Area of effect range on Churchill 6 pounder gun reduced by about 66%.

- British Churchill damage vs Marder III reduced by 12%.

- Churchill Crocodile uses its tank gun instead of its flamethrower for attacking ground.

- British Commando PIAT squad cost increased from 255 to 325 manpower.

- Buttoning speed modifiers on British Infantry squads are dependent on squad size. Small squads apply fewer speed penalties, large squads apply full speed penalties to enemy targets.

- British Bren Carrier Vickers weapon has its 'moving while firing' accuracy multiplier reduced by 33%.

- British Bren Carrier Vickers weapon close range accuracy reduced by 40%.

- British Resource upgrades no longer share with teammates. Secured Resourcing, Captain's veterancy resource bonus, and improved Command Truck resource bonuses only apply to the player performing those upgrades.

- Commando demo charge can be targeted and killed by small arms fire.

- British Captain's territory health bonus to emplacements reduced by an appropriate amount.

- British Royal Engineer Improved Emplacements health maximum modifier reduced by 17%.

- British Royal Engineer Improved Emplacements received damage modifier removed and replaced with a received penetration modifier that decreases penetration by 10%.

- British Commando Concealing Smoke starts recharging when the squad is recruited. The ability is not available until it has undergone one cooldown cycle.

- Anti-aircraft weapons have improved damage and accuracy vs. landing British Gliders.

- Timer tuned on Overwatch Cancel.

- Lieutenants area of effect bonuses had an unintended side effect of slaughtering retreating infantry. These values have been modified so that this does not happen anymore, but still maintaining the efficacy of the Lieutenant's leadership bonuses.

- Lieutenants now enjoy long walks on the beach.

- British Churchill Tank Shock recharge timer increased from 60 to 75 seconds.

- British Commando Sten SMGs are less effective vs. Knights Cross Holders.

- Improved British AI command truck setup.

- The Priest and the 25 Pounder Barrage and Supercharge cooldown increased by 15 seconds.

- British 17 pounder emplacement has had its scatter increased.

- Small Arms, Light and Heavy MG penetration against British Mortar Pits and Howitzers has doubled.

- Tuned Bren Carrier weapon and modified Bren Carrier Button Down ability so that it more reliably shoots at the specified target.

- Button Down ability targets the coaxial guns on the vehicles first, giving the main weapon a 5 second delay before it will stop shooting as well.

Panzer Elite

- All Panzer Elite vehicle veterancy curves now escalate (previously many obtained veterancy level 2 much slower than they would obtain veterancy level 3).

- All Panzer Elite Soldiers obtain veterancy level 3 at a slightly slower rate.

- Panzer Elite Marder III damage vs. the American M10 and M4 Sherman reduced by 25%.

- Panzer Elite Scout Car will now detect snipers at half the radius of a Jeep or Motorcycle.

- Panzer Elite G43 Rifle long range cooldown penalty reduced to 25% from 50%, overall cooldown increased by 25%.

- Panzer Elite Kettenkrad Camouflage ability now reduces both Sight Radius and Camouflage Detection radius by 30%.

- Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire will slow retreating squads to normal movement speed temporarily.

- Updated the Wirbelwind UI unit ratings.

- Panzer Elite Armored Car 20mm cannon effectiveness reduced vs. American Riflemen.

- Panzer Elite Armored Car's ranged increased by 15%.

- Doubled the fuel drain of the Panzer Elite Armored Car 222 Overdrive.

- Panzer Elite Hummel cost reduced by 650 to 600 manpower.

- Panzer Elite Vehicles shared veterancy radius reduced by 10 meters.

- Panzer Elite vehicle and infantry veterancy sharing tuned.

- Panzer Elite Jagdpanther health reduced by 11%.

- Panzer Elite Marder III Site Main Gun sight bonus reduced by 75%.

- Panzer Elite Kettenkrad has its sniper detection radius increased by 30%.

- Bergetiger recovery manpower cost per minute has doubled.

- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager will reveal themselves after 3 shots instead of 4 and time to revert back to camouflage has increased by 20%.

- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack MG42 is less effective vs. squads in light cover. Damage has been reduced by 25%.

- Tuned suppression on the Wirblewind.

- Panzer Elite Vampire acceleration increased by 33%.

- Panzer Elite Hummel artillery barrage ability increased by 30 seconds.

- Panzer Elite Hummel artillery barrage ability decreases by 10 seconds for every level of veterancy.

- Panzer Elite Wirblewind has increased penetration vs American Halftracks and M8 Greyhounds.

- Panzer Elite Wirblewind deals more deflection damage against armored targets.

- Previously when a Bergetiger recovers a vehicle, it came back with 50% of its of max health, the vehicle now returns with 40% of its max health.

- Axis armor recovered by the Bergetiger is more likely to return with either a damaged engine or destroyed main gun.


- Fixed some building locations on Angoville Farms.

- Fixed a control point issue on Beaux Lowlands.

- Etavaux has a couple of world objects that have incorrect player ownership association and revealed some small areas in the Fog of War.

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Wow. That is comittment to the scene! A very comprehensive update indeed.

It would be good to hear from them about their logic for issuing this patch after all this time. I wonder if it was part of the original business model or evelved as an initiative to extract more money from an existing asset.


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Blizzard last patched Diablo 2 in mid 2008 -- the game was released in 2000.

Battlefront supports their games spectacularly, the latest Combat Mission game hardly resembles the product that was released two years ago and is still getting updates. That said that may be more out of necessity than good nature, the game was fundamentally broken on many levels when it first released.

Valve is still patching and, in the case of their newer games, adding content, to their products regularly.

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Something to keep in mind is that all of the best examples of PC patching (valve, relic, blizzard) are online games played primarily under a server browsers/network maintained by the developer. It's easy to collect data and efficiently deliver patches to their users. This is one of the primary benifits of using an internal system like Steamworks.

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Valve need to take the hint here and fix a certain game that's been out for a while now - Left 4 Dead. I know of some players that are considering giving it up due to the games' poor netcoding. It is in fact the poorest netcoding I've seen in any game. The ironic thing is, they've released a number of patches for the game so far - of which, none have fixed the netcoding.

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Maybe this patch has been released to bring CoH to the level of the coming Add-On Tales of Valour which will be released within the next two weeks!

This way there would only be an additional patch needed to introduce the new units for online-gaming against those who have the new Add-On.

But impressive nonetheless. A new patch 3 years after the game has been released. A very traditional publisher/developer. Long time ago a game received a patch after 3 years. Not to mention an Add-On coming after three years as well.

Top stuff, hope the Company of Heroes 2 announcement is around the corner. :D

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Maybe this patch has been released to bring CoH to the level of the coming Add-On Tales of Valour which will be released within the next two weeks!

Yes that is maybe part of it, but I am betting there will be another patch to make each of the CoH compatible. Looking at the list, there is a tonne of balancing going on and other fixes that clearly are nothing to do with ToV - which I am really looking forward to by the way!

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That sounds impossible! :ph34r:

Not when you know how. Clue: on No Mercy map 1 (Appartments), jump over one side of the building and land the air intake ventu halfway down the building opposite - you'll lose alot of health in the fall though. Then just leg it out of alley and into the subway, and melee the infected out of the way. There is a video that shows this on YouTube.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 7 months later...

Bioware released the last Neverwinter Nights (2002) patch last spring, which was a big one with lots of the content produced for the DLC.

I think in total there was about 50 patches for that game, many of which was to support the modders.

There is no company which has better modding support, or better tools, then Bioware for sure.

Oh, and the Witcher patch was pretty sweet even though the game is just about 2 years old. They fixed the language in the scripts, re-recorded all voices, redid all cutscenes, redid parts of the HUD, added a new mesh and texture variation system to the people and characters in the entire game and threw in 2 free DLC adventures with full voice over plus the 5 community made ones they liked.

All in all I think I downloaded around 2-2,5GB, excluding the extras (making of videos, soundtrack, guides and so on) which was another 1,3Gb.

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