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Hi Rocky,

It's a shame we have to change to FilePlanet. I went to download Bogie's new map and was put in a queue, I had to wait 20mins to get the download. I think we are all going to lose public downloads by using this site as people just will not wait this long.

I know this is out of your hands but there must be a better file hosting site we can use, I like Megaupload there is no membership and there is only a 45second wait for the file.

What do you think Rocky, and do other members here have a opinion.


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I'd welcome recommendations for an alternative. Before posting an alternative though please check for limitations such as..

File Uploads - do they have an upload system that instantly returns a download URL, or is there a lengthy submission process where we have to wait on a reviewer checking the file details and forwarding the download link via e-mail? That is a time consuming exercise for us.

File Deletion - do they remove a file for (1) inactivity or (2) after a certain amount of time? This is a deal breaker because I've already uploaded every file we have more than twice, that's gigabytes of uploads and going through it all again only to have them removed due to inactivity is not viable.

Queue Times - How long to wait before download starts?

Download Speeds - How fast do the files download?

Adverts and Pop-ups - Is the user bombarded with adverts for every download?

File Size - Is there a limit on file uploads, some of these mods are huge. 4shared for example on allows up to 100Mb, which is no use to us.

Filefront handled all the above perfectly, there is no match.

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Do we have any stat's on the number of files, the total size and download bandwidth/capacity required?

Filefront deleted our usage stats before I could record them today. Number of files is over 1000, Total size, many gigabytes, traffic goes into terrabytes.


I was keeping my own records though :thumbsup: The last time I made a note though was Dec 2007 - it gives a good indication of the massive usage we incurred.

Filefront - Dec 2007

661 Uploaded Files

5.70 GB of Disk Space Used

369,216 File Downloads from FileFront users

7.23 TB of Bandwidth Used for Downloads

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I think RapidShare has a 200 mb limit and they get rid of stuff quick...

MegaUpload has a pay Premium account about 80 USD for two years with unlimited storage upload blah blah...we may have to pool our money for that one, eh.

mig :ph34r:

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Here is a website that looks promising. :)

Website: http://stashbox.org/


File Size Limit: Unlimited

Download Limit: Unlimited

File Life: Unlimited

Download waiting time: None

Download speed: What every your ISP can handle.

Instant download URL: No. But if you click on (go to file page) Than it does at the bottom of the page.

Oh and ummm ITS FREE TO USE lol :P

I hope this is what you are looking for Rocky :)

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4shared is another option also dunno if its free or not

the pirate bay also

But you loose your uploads if you dont login fer 30 days.

It happens to me. :(

So keep all your GRAW2 maps please!!!

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I think RapidShare has a 200 mb limit and they get rid of stuff quick...

MegaUpload has a pay Premium account about 80 USD for two years with unlimited storage upload blah blah...we may have to pool our money for that one, eh.

mig :ph34r:

Please no Rapid share.... I have nothing good to say about them, Subscription service & if you don't then Queue, limited download speed, etc.

We tried it on premium & it only works if you have a premium account as a client otherwise you queue.

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Excellent news Rocky. If this new service is all it claims, then I may be able to steer more business their way, via another gaming genre's mods/updates that also used FileFront almost exclusively.

There's probably quite a few file sharing sites seeing an increase in traffic this week. I've given up on free services and have settled on a paid for server, so far, I'm very impressed.

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Found this letter here:

Filefront Closing Down

Greetings all,

Well, as some of you already know and some that think it's still a joke, FileFront will be closing its doors for good on March 30th. All of the paid staff has been laid off (including myself) and all volunteers have been let go. Unfortunately, it seems to have been decided that the forums and network should be the first to go and before I was even able to create some announcement to inform my beloved community and volunteer staff of this event, they were taken offline or 'locked' so no further changes could be made to them. To call this unfortunate or frustrating is quite a bit of an understatement, not only to me, but especially to those I am currently unable to reach to inform them as to what's going on. I cannot imagine the confusion they must have about this and probably think its all some April Fool's joke. If only it were.

We found out yesterday that due to current economic conditions, Ziff Davis has made the call to suspend operations of the site at the end of March 30th. There isn't anyone at FileFront that knew this would happen. It was quite a shock to anyone that worked there. While we expected bad news (in this economy is there any other kind?) we certainly didn't expect that the site would be shut down for good. I certainly didn't expect the forums or network sites to be offline and unmanageable.

To the Network Staff:

I understand everyone's confusion and frustration. Hell, I share in these emotions with you. I do wish to say that it's been an honor working with every one of the volunteers, even you Skyrider. While there were days I just wanted to beat my head into the wall repeatedly from what I had to deal with, I'd do it all over again because I loved what I did. Remember that you guys are the real people that made the Network what it was and how successful it became. Keep that in mind and take pride in what you did.

To the Forum Staff:

Ah, my forum staff. I do not consider you simply volunteers of Ziff Davis that worked on the forums as those that just shut the site down do, no, I consider you guys and gals friends and family. I never had to worry about the forums, ever. I looked out for you and tried to treat you as though you were family as much as I could. I've tried requesting to get the forums database sent to me so I can continue on the community, however it seems that will not be the case. All of those posts will probably never see the light of day again. Just like the Network Staff, it's been my honor to work with each and every one of you on making one of the most popular game forums out there. Take pride that you were a part of it and helped mold it into what it was. At least we'll never have to worry about the white screen of death again though, right?

To the Admins Network/Forums:

You guys devoted more time on your respective areas then I ever did. I never lost sight of that and always had a level of respect that made me feel lucky to have you guys around. I don't think I could have ever accomplished things on my part without the strong devotion you shared in making File Front's community areas the best they could be. You did a damned fine job keeping the places up and running smoothly. I take pride in knowing that I was working with the best and always knew I could rely on you for advice and help whenever I asked for it. There's nothing I can say that really describes the thanks I wish to extend to you for all of your years of time and service, so I'll just say the words and hope you understand; Thank you.

To the Community:

I'm not sure I can write the proper words to show how much I cared for this community and what happened to it. 8 years of my life were devoted towards you all and I would never have had it any other way. You all made me happy to do the job I was doing. While I did have a work shift, when it came to the forums community, I always loved browsing it at all hours of the day. It was my job during the day, but at night, it was all about just being a member participating with everyone else. When I posted on the forums, my red username, title and status meant nothing to me at that point. I simply saw myself as a member of the community who wished to chat with other members of the community.

Last night I was being approached by many. There were some to offer condolences and some to find out what happened and some to offer places to re-ignite the community in a new place. I feel the same way they do, I want to get the community back up and running and, if Danny and Ronnie are reading this, please drop me a line and let's see if we can work something out. I'm sure we all have different goals in mind, but at the same time share in the feeling that we want our community back!

While writing this, I'm sure some of you will think it's a bit 'sappy'. I honestly don't care. I cared and respect the community and volunteers enough to write something from the heart. You all deserve it, not some cold statement written by lawyers who only wish to make it so they can't be sued for what is said. I wanted to show my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of the community and showing me the kind of dedication I've come to expect from those at FileFront.

Whenever/ if ever we are able to do a fresh start with the community, I would love to see each and every person that used it before to return.

To those that will be unable to come back, I'll miss you.

Thanks for everything!

Jeff 'n0e' Mills

e-mail removed

Former Community Manager, FileFront.com

P.S. Please, send this to the Forum Staff who I'm unable to get contact information for. (any of them that did not work on a network site that you know of)

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FileFront has been acquired by the original founders of the site and will NOT be suspended as previously announced. This is NOT an April Fool's Joke.

After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to shut down FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.

Due to the very unfortunate timing of this event and related announcements on March 24th and April 1st (April Fool's Day), we'd like to make it perfectly clear that:

1) The March 24th announcement about FileFront shutting down was NOT an early April Fool's joke and Ziff Davis Media had every intention of shutting down FileFront by the end of March.

2) This announcement about the original founders buying back FileFront from Ziff Davis Media is also NOT an April Fool's joke.

3) We're making this announcement on April 1st because the deal was completed today and we want to bring all services back online immediately.

4) We would NEVER shut down FileFront as an April Fool's joke.

5) We are happy to be back!

FileFront has existed in one form or another (originally as FileLeech and Voodoo Extreme's downloads) since 1997. In the last 12 years, FileFront has become the gaming community's most comprehensive and trafficked library hosting millions of files for thousands of games while requiring no registration and providing uncapped download speeds. We look forward to improving FileFront and serving the gaming community for years to come.

Welcome home. Game On!

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Oh yeh, this is just swell, after me going and paying for a download server, and the staff uploading 10GB of mods to it over the last few days! :wall:

It's good news they are staying open (goodness knows we don't want Fileplanet having a downloads monopoly), but this could have been handled better.

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Oh yeh, this is just swell, after me going and paying for a download server, and the staff uploading 10GB of mods to it over the last few days! :wall:

I know, it's what my mom would have called "a crock..." and I don't mean the sharp toothed reptile. I'd been holding off releasing my two new mods waiting for both the new GRnet download system, as well as hunting around trying to find my own that would take over 100mb as an upload.

What a pain in the behind! :o=

It's good news they are staying open (goodness knows we don't want Fileplanet having a downloads monopoly), but this could have been handled better.

Yeah, it could have been handled much much better. I'm glad that the original founders have regained the site, but some type of notice would have been nice....something that said "Hey, we're working on it, wait a short while".

While I might use FF as an alternate source I doubt I'll go back to using them as a primary in the future. Too much trouble before the close just keeping up with files they deleted that weren't old. Heck, I know I've kept you and your team busy Rocky with fixing broken FF links due to their arbitrary deletions.

If you need some help getting stuff up to your new site, let me know.

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