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Operation: Forest Encampment Ready For Public

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Thanks again for all of the suggestions and testing. I've added 4 Predators; one at each camp and at the Rebel Leader's position. I did not add any mines as it would not really fit this story or the map.

Bundle Location -> DOWNLOAD HERE

Co-op Mission based on XdxXdy, Tanatos B52 and Sg.Nly P@po’s Forest V4 map

Mission Author: Bogie

File Size: 15 Mb

Version: 2.0

Web Screen Shot: http://www.diverecovery.com/graw2/forestweb.zip

Description in the quotes below:


According to the book “My Soul is on Ice: How Sanchez Saved My Life” by Brother Vitale recovered at the Mercenary Market, the Mercenary Rebel Fanatics are trained at a mountain camp 20 miles northwest of Chihuahua, Mexico. Satellite imagery has shown a recent buildup of mercenaries camped out at this hideaway and the Mexican government is growing concerned. These rebels may hold the key to the whereabouts of your friend and handler, Captain Vitale as well as what happened to him during your Escape from Juarez.

Your mission:

1 Eliminate the Mercenary Training Camps

2 Find and Interrogate the Camp Leader

3 Extract with the Information

The Day, Fog and Night versions of Operation: Forest Encampment is based on XdxXdy, TanAtos B52, and Sg.Nly’s gorgeous Forest V4 map (no waterfall) where nearly all of the props, landscape, trees and even trout in the stream were custom made. Each mission contains 170 enemy soldiers and has been thoroughly tested on dedicated Web and LAN servers utilizing the standard weapon layout and Brettzies 2.05b weapons mod. There are currently no known issues with this mission or map.

Special Thanks the beta testers: Rocky @ Ghostrecon.net, the graw2.pbwiki.com team, Anthony, TripleX, Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Zero G, EBK52, Sightreader and Porter & Twix from the Army of Lion Guinea Pigs. Very Special Thanks goes out to all of the wonderful maps that the Itialian crew of TanAtos B52, Sg.Nly P@po and XdxXdy produce… The GRAW2 Community would be lost without you guys.

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no one got Problems? I've got several Crashes ..

LAN aktive Server, one Client, no Mods ...

One of them:

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

Unhandled exception - access violation










Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

But maybe it comes from the "Level" himselfe ..

.... greets .. Twix ..

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Question about Forest Encampment

For some reason, the Havoc that comes in after taking Camp C seems to disappear after a single pass or so - at least in the last few games we've played. Have folks found a way to kill Havocs immediately, or is there a bug, or is it simply disappearing on a trigger that's getting tripped right after it spawns? If it's going away due to a trigger, can it be spawned earlier, perhaps when Camp A is taken?


[Merged with the existing Operation: Forest Encampment thread (where it will probably make more sense)]

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Hello Sightreader,

The HAVOC will appear after two of the objectives have been completed and will fly away after all four of the objectives have been completed (the three encampments + termination of the Rebel Leader).

I have played with larger groups (6-10) where we've broken off into three separate parties and converge on all camps nearly simultaneously, completing all the objectives in near rapid succession. In this instance, it appears as though the Havoc just flys in and away very quickly.

In addition, there is a Zues at every camp by the mounted .50 cal as well as at the Rebel Leader's position; so team members can usually take it out in a pass or two.

Hope this helps,


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The HAVOC will appear after two of the objectives have been completed and will fly away after all four of the objectives have been completed (the three encampments + termination of the Rebel Leader).

Darn, that explains it. Camp C is right next to a tunnel; once you clear it, there is very little extra you need to do to kill the commander in the tunnel (just shoot the rats in the barrel/tunnel). Would it be too early to have it trigger after the first objective ?

I guess you could also wait until the final objective is complete, but I imagine that wouldn't be much fun because no one's attacking you at the point...

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!

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