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MATE stop rooting around and changing things , start again and delete all the mine files and folders.

follow DAV'S Anti-Personnel Mines in the wiki WORD FOR WORD..

LOL! Spoken like a true Ausie :P Rad, I did have a play with his script and sorted it out. There were a few things that needed changing to make it work in Player vs. Player (as per my post in the weapons sub-forum). I bundle it up and sent it to Galor last week and it's all good now.

The remaining issue is with the hangar. Perhaps it's best if you get the .bundle from him and have a go and then re-upload it? Perhaps PM him?

Not to hijack, but I've been waiting patiently for a post about all the cool stuff you've discovered..."taxi" heli's and all that...when do you plan to let me in on the secrets?


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Over the weekend if you like. Do you have a 4 day weekend or are you working?

I don't have ICQ or Skype, can I download it or I can just give you phone call . PM me your # or your work #.

I ll also send you the map so you can fraps a video of me shooting you in a blackhawk gunship :lol:

do you have teamspeak? thats easy for me or a phone call..

Rad... :D

Galor the only thing I did see is, you have to change the mines_routine.xml

You had

<player_trigger name = "t_arm_mine_$mine_number" player_type=team_a" >

<condition name="InLocation" location="loc_mine_$mine_number" />

<on_enter name="TriggerEvent" event="e_explode_mine_$mine_number"/>


<player_trigger name = "t_arm_mine_$mine_number" player_type="team_b" >

<condition name="InLocation" location="loc_mine_$mine_number" />

<on_enter name="TriggerEvent" event="e_explode_mine_$mine_number"/>


I don't know if that can give a conflict, but change the team_a and team_b to team_all

<player_trigger name = "t_arm_mine_$mine_number" player_type="team_all" >

<condition name="InLocation" location="loc_mine_$mine_number" />

<on_enter name="TriggerEvent" event="e_explode_mine_$mine_number"/>


<event name ="e_explode_mine_$mine_number">

<element type = "UnitSequence" name_id="mine_$mine_number"/>


But I see Dav worked it out for you. :thumbsup:

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Have looked at u map and it should work ,but i have noticed u have textured the inside faces of u model

and thats not needed because they never visible anyway.

Only i can think is to re texuring u models without backfaces and fix new UV for lightmap and it would work

U can disable "shadow_caster" in the building to because u have a lightmap and 128px or 256 lightmap would

work fine for thouse buildings.


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