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Ranger Or Ranger Qualified?


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Given some recent discussions I've had, I'd like to inform everyone on what a real Ranger is.

Actual Rangers, whom are amongst the special operations community, aren't National Guardsman, or 82nd Airborne with Ranger Tabs. They are Rangers in every sense of the word. On a daily basis, they are tested and tried to Ranger Standards, a different set of standards a Ranger BN upholds itself to, to set it apart from the rest of the military.

Rangers do Ranger missions, have Ranger equipment, wear a tan beret, and a Ranger scroll(1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 75th). Rangers were made to better the conventional Army, as per Gen. Abrams Charter After a Ranger NCO or officer does his time at the Ranger BN, he goes out into the conventional Army to better the men there, with everything he has learned.

Ranger Qualified, however, simply means you attended Ranger School, and earned your Ranger tab. It means nothing in your contribution to the special operations community, and doesn't grant you the ability to call yourself a Ranger. There are no guardsman, no conventional Army, no Marines, and no Sailors that holds the title Ranger.


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Thanks for the clarification. I ran into 3 or 4 regular Army folks recently that had the Ranger tab and never quite understood why they were wearing it. One of them was a COL so I never got to talk to him about it...but one was a MAJ and he almost seemed embarrassed by it and didn't really say much.

Now I know...

...and knowing is half the battle. ;)

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