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Weird Notice For Air Show

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Hey all.

Here in Phoenix, AZ it's time for the annual USAF air show and we went onto the Luke AFB website to get the schedule of events for the weekend at this link.

While the event times for aerial demonstration teams is great and the lineup this year is cool (not to mention that I'm actually gonna be in town to see it) I can't help but pause at the statement at the top of the page:

*All events and times are subject to change with regard to weather, fallout or uncontrolled circumstances :o

Okay now, how often does fallout become an issue around here? I've had my home in Arizona for nearly four years now, and now I have to wonder if the reason the city glows so much at night isn't because it's the 5th largest city in the US and has so many lights but instead glows from something else? Perhaps there's more residual effect from all that above ground nuke testing in the 40's & 50's than we've been told? Enquiring minds want to know! :P

Okay, just my little bit of fun for the day while popping enough pain meds to get me through the show. Umm...Perhaps I should go digging through the old boxes of CD stuff and pull out the dosimeters? :P

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