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Sorry,but It's Goodbye


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hey guy's...

gloomy day indeed. my computer is completely dead. cant get access to any of my files, the thing will barely startup, then blue screen, followed by stripes (that bit is probably graphics card gone)...fan has gone too. i can get as far as the little windows upload bar thing - thats it.

so... looks like im gonna be out for quite some time. cant afford a new computer at the moment, or for ages yet - bill's and all. cant even play gr. thats the worst part. not even sure if im gonna be able to retrieve any of my data - models from max and so on. also lost all the new weps kits and missions i have created over the last few years. not good.

anyway. on a happy note, it's ALMOST sunny outside.

sorry to everyone who is waiting for models and so on. i hope you can find a way around your plans. if i can find any way to fix my problem - i will, but my comp has been on the blink for ages and i fear this is the end of the road for it.

sorry guy's.

gotta go home now. will try and log in at some point to say hi.

p.s dont all leave gr, because as soon as i can get a new comp. i will be back. :(:thumbsup:

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That's terrible news Nat. Must be so frustrating! For what it's worth, I've still got the Max files for the three objects you made for me. With your permission, I'm happy to continue working on them so that they'll see the light of day. The one (I think you know which) is particularly awesome!

It's just getting sunny down here too...

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That's a nightmare, sorry mate. A blue screen might just mean the boot is knackered, all the files on your HD could still be okay. If you could get someone to put the HD into another PC to recover your important files that would be the best bet right now.

Good luck :(

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hey guy's,

on my gals pc now. thanks for the messages of hope! i'm sure all will work out. just managed to find my original 3dsmax cd, so thats a start. even if my comp is totally dead, when i get a new one, can just start again. so it's not the end of the world. just gonna miss playing and modding gr for a while. seeing as i try and shoot something at least once a day, it's gonna be hard work!!

hh, of course dude. you whatever you need from what i sent ya. it would be a shame to waste them eh?

ill try and not throw my pc out the window rocky! as you say, can probably retrieve alot of it somehow.

dont all run away! i love this site, love this game, love you guy's!

be happy.

back asap.

nat :thumbsup:

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WOW! sorry to hear that nat, realize you love making all those wonderful weapon models...definitely keep in touch as you can! At least most all of the stuff you sent me over the past 2 years up to last week will find a way to the light of day and be enjoyed by players and modders alike...sorry I'll not get a peek at those .mis files you mentioned....

mig :ph34r:

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Sorry to hear about your troubles Nat, I'm sure you'll be bouncing back as soon as you're able to.

And whatever you do, don't ditch that hard-drive, it's possible its not to be the cause of the fault. The fan dying could be a PSU issue (the graphics card too) In fact, can you Uninstall the graphics card (and any other plug in cards) and get it to boot just using the mother board?

In addition to this, which fan is not running?. If its the main chip fan then your cpu might be overheating

In this case clear it out with an air duster (not a hoover) and see if it runs

I'm sure there are more technically aware people here but all is more than likely not lost. :thumbsup:

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Really sorry to hear about your troubles Nat....bad bad bad situation. It makes me remember all too well when Charlie hit SW Florida and wiped us out - ages of work lost to the water damage. That's when I learned that fireproof safes weren't waterproof as when we got the drawers open the backup tapes were waterlogged.

To try and get your data back, another thing you can do is go down to your local 'puter store (we've got a Fry's Electronics here in Phoenix) and get one of those USB drive cases for $20. Install your drive into the case and plug it in to another computer and you should be able to retrieve the data. Yeah, it's the same as what Rocky recommended, but this way you can just plug in via USB to any computer - even at the local library, and copy your data to another USB drive.

I found myself back here after a long time away, and I'm sure you will be back soon. Good luck and I wish you the best!

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