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Gen. Montgomery's Sf Skins

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I'm hoping someone in here can help me out a bit. I want to pull a few of the characters out of Gen. Montgomery's SF Skins to use as specialist characters in a small mod I'm working on. I have a couple complications regarding permissions:

1. I can't get a hold of Gen. Montgomery via PM here or via the email address included in the mod's readme. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him for permission? Barring that, does anyone have any info about whether he would want his stuff to be re-used (with credit of course)? Not just, "oh he probably would because I would", but does anyone have any good info about his attitude towards the use of his work? I found this thread which appears to be related to the SF Skins mod, but he doesn't indicate usage permissions in the readme or the forum.

2. The mod appears to be skins on top of Dog-Zebra models. Again, I haven't had any luck contacting Dog-Zebra. Anyone know how to contact him? The mod also lists Pingvinx, Wildcats and Moakes as contributing to the skins. Should I just give up on using these skins since I'm unlikely to be able to contact everyone?

Thanks for any help.

[update: I found this post that suggest Dog-Zebra supports credited use of his work. Does anyone know anything that might contradict this assessment?]

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