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Enemy Flight Not Fight? How So....


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-Alertness, set and combat

-Combat ROE, Assault

-Movement ROE, All costs

-Pace, set, run

-Path, once

I'd try it in that order.

I made a cigarette/sensor kit for him but maybe a noWeapon.kit would work.

Seems I had him carrying an M249 but switched for some reason.

Been awhile and I didn't retest for this post. But he would run like hell with me chasing and shooting. I made him invincible for this bit also.

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yeh just realised my post wasnt well written.

i think you're on the right track but just to clarify.

i want guy to run and not stop and turn to shoot - just keep running.

i have a good fix anyway but for future reference.

i think i tried that wombat but he stopped.

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turning AI off after he's been running may work? of course, it should be a linear path.

or setting timer to keep giving him the "run" team plan, maybe.

You can check civilians ROE and so in M15 in [GR] russian campaign.

I would add...set stance fixed to "stand".

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