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Rare Fun Maps To Play


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ok i knows these has been posted b4 but some people have seen these on the *Ghostsoldiers* server being played and asked about them so i gonna repost the link to them

[Link Removed]

A nice set of co-op missions from Tinker.

Mission 01

Destroy all armor and extract

Mission 02

Destroy 2 Adat`s and extract undetected

Mission 03

Destroy all helicopters and tanks and extract

Mission 04

Destroy howitzers and pick up intel

Mission 05

Defend and assault

Mission 06

Find Intel and destroy tanks

Mission 07

Defend and assault

Mission 08

Protect allies, clear out juerez

Firefight your way to extraction

FF Timber Day / Night

FF Lagoon Day / Night

FF Fort Day / Night

FF Shanty Day / Night

FF Crashsite Day / Night

FF Calavera Day / Night

FF Borderline Day / Night

FF The Cut Day / Night

Defend the base

Defend Park Day / Night

Defend Timber Day / Night

Defend Cut Day / Night

Defend Rosen Day / Night

Defend Fort Day / Night

OGR_Mode locate and destoy 5 vehicles and extract

OGR_Mode Crashsite Day / Night < Helicopter added

OGR_Mode Calavera Day / Night

OGR_Mode The Cut Day / Night

OGR_Mode Nowhere Day / Night

OGR_Mode Arroyo Day / Night < Arroyo heavy firefight, reach extraction

Solo Lagoon Day / Night < Solo with AI snipers

great maps get!

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