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Can someone give a save file for the mission after Hostile Oasis? I cannot go on to the next mission because I can't plant the C4 on the Littlebird.

Hello Friend need your email address to send you the savegames you want?

I have: Missions of the No. 5-6-7-8-9 campaign and the mission but individual no 4

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I have read on the forum about this campaign and it seems to be much liked by many, so I downloaded it home to try. Have lacked new campaigns like the one in the original game and now there is one, hope that there will be more to it, I would appreciate it very much! have re-installed GRAW2 to try this campaign.

Let me know if there is more SP campaigns to come in the near future.. :thumbsup:

Boogie, Thanks for your great effort for the game!

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Bundle Location -> DOWNLOAD

Mission Author: Bogie

Hello again friend, two things: first congratulations for your campaign and if I must applaud a mission it is Toxic rising Part II Day Map which is UA! as they say the marines. Second :wall: , to achieve the terrorist leader in the Bell Tower of a church, I need to delete a tank and for this I need a zeus. I can say whether this map contains a mule copies take the zeus and where can I find? I am on the roof of the rebel base that is ahead of where begins the ladder cage which leads to the terrorist leader. :thumbsup:

Incidentally I could explain how can I insert an image that is on my pc.

Very thanks my friend Bogie. :thumbsup:

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