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In reply to TAW_kyar, almost anything in this game is moddable, although so far the only mods done are skins and new aircraft. I think theres only 2 new aircraft been made so far, from what i can see on the forums, one is the J10, the new chinese fighter, and the other is my WIP FA-37 Talon, although its got a long way to go before i finish it :P

Do you have a link to the J10? .. I think its just a model replace at the moment isn't it?

..I am just working through adding 2 Skin support to all the planes (over 40 in total), so feel free to post a request for a specific plane to be done,

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I think you'll find this interesting:

Over at the german Ubi Forums, a member developed a tool which you can use to download / backup custom skins. :)

BTW: If you like the movie STEALTH, you should have a look at this! :)

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Is this forum even active anymore?

Anyway I been doing a skin I need to record a video clip I'm planning. This is what I have so far.

Link To Oversize Image *.

Link To Oversize Image *.

I was wondering if

A: is there any way to move the camera around freely...

B: Why is my skin 4 megabytes when the default is about 680 KB? Am I not ticking the right options when saving as DDS?

Thanks... if anyone even reads this

And sorry for the bigness of the pictures

* [staff Edit: - Please keep pictures to 500 pixels wide] :thumbsup:

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Looks pretty awesome man.

I'm not sure if there's any option to film freely, I think the jets move too quickly for a tripod camera to be effective anyway. Maybe just go into assistance on mode and film it holding 'C' whilst using ur mouse to pan about, or do some assistance off dogfighting to show it in action. I reckon you'll get the best result from that. :D

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