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Open The Game In Regular Window ¿?

Goat Recon

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Hi, Welcome to the forums

Yes there is indeed a way to do that

find the file "options.xml" in the Ghost Recon folder

Right click on it and select Edit

then scroll down to the line that says <FullScreen>TRUE</FullScreen>

and change true to false

(while there you can also alter the resolution if you need to)

save the file

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Sadly, there is a problem involving the menus in GR in which they display ONLY at 640 (no matter what the resolution of the game itself) that Causes a CTD at the start (some modern Video Cards have a problem with 640 resolutions) and has to be solved by downloading an options XML,since the game will not create a options..it crashes before that happens.,and this means the game can only run in windowed mode.

Hey, I would LOVE to play GR and SOAF in full window mode, but unless somebody has a solution, it's windowed mode or nothing, and I am not the only guy with this problem. I am afraid that changing the xml file will only bring the CTD at start problem back.


After backing up the downloaded "Windowed Mode Only" options XML file I changed the graphics option from full screen false to true and guess what; The Game Ran! w00t

I was really not expecting this to work (hence the back up).

The trick , for those of you who have the CTD problem that was solved with the downloaded XML options file, is to put the file in the GR or SOAF game folder before running the game for the first time. Once the game has ran, apparently the video card can handle the Menu Resolution, which was the cause of the problem.

I am really happy, because For Year this problem was one of those which was causing me and a lot of people to tear their hair out. It was one of those whose cause was almost impossible to track down. The Menus Being 640 Resollution was the last thing I would have thought of.

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