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Wind And Briefingbox Cycling Images


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Hi again all... a couple more qu's if anyone has any ideas?

1 - how to place the sound of howling wind on a map? I know I've encountered it before, on some missions or some maps, but haven't had any luck with using the ambient room sounds (they're very faint, nowhere near loud enough) and can't see wind options for the usual placeable sound emitters?

Cracking this one will add another layer of shivery realism to the mission I've scripted on Bludawg's Winter Mountain Stronghold map, at the very least :devil:

2 - do you actually need photoshop or similar to create the small rotating briefingbox images on the mission preselection screens? If not, could someone talk me through capturing images and converting them to the right size etc?

Many thanks all for your help and advice... I'm getting there... w00t


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2 - go in game and get screens of things relating to your Objs while toggling off the HUD - then just use the rsbs RSE did for all their briefing boxes and replace their images with yours...pay attention to how many objs were on their mission and if it matches up to yours that one will cycle properly..of course >4 objs is not available for its own line but if there are more than 4 you will need the max images(4) on one line of pics and probably at least three on the others for it to not show a black image box at the end of the cycle..I think you wil probably need PShop or Paintshop Pro whatever its called to do it..that means you'll need the plug-in from IT Extras on that disk too I guess..unsure bout Pntshop Pro

you can resize or simply rescale each image to match it up...sometimes one works better than the other with certain maps..hope I got this right - others may be more helpful here.

1 - you can use a zone and in that GUI use one of the wind settings..if ya want a custom wind sound check out Soundsnap.com its a wonderful resource with a great user liscense ...use to be totally free/ now you get 5 free DLs per month or join for a small fee if you need sound loops regularly - or I found some good howling wind loops a while back by searching with that as key words/phrase. You would then use the script to play that modded sound at zone X. Might need Goldwave or other to edit the sound so its available for the engine. when playing a sound at zone X it may be louder at the center than the perimeter...you could tag the sound as ambient in the sound editor then just place it on the map and use 3D Propagation but that is not really recommended for most sounds(see RSE).


hoping I got all that right..

mig :ph34r:

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as Mig stated you need Photoshop or PS pro and the .rsb plug-in.

then you take some screenshots with HUD disabled, F9 i think of your


minimum 1 and maximum four different objectives in the briefing and

let's say 3 screens of each objective.

then you resize the screenshots to 126 x 94 px, this is a good size.

PM me if you want a template.

/ Ingeloop

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