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Brettzies Weapons Mod

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From Zeno in the main thread:

Some people have asked me how to setup a Brettzies modded server.

Brett Initially helped get me started and was very patient.

If any of you would like to set up a server using this mod I posted detailed instructions of how our server is set up on our forum here.

This is a great mod.


Here's the link to the instructions: zeno's setting up a dedicated server instuctions

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ok got it to work allmost the server starts we join map loads we pick are kits then the server crashes this is the error I get

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\managers\groupmanager.dsf(-1): No soldier template named "coop_rifleman_22"





Renderer: normal

Physics : normal

what could be causing this problem any help would be great thanxs


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I would like to give Kudos to Zeno.

I was having some issues in changing our server to the Brettzies MOD and his help was invaluable!! Zeno thanks for your patience and time!!


Just a note for everyone else. Make sure you modify the dedicated server's context-standalone.xml file and do not use your version. Your server company may have made changes to that file for their system and if you use anything else other then that then you may experience problems as I did. :wacko:

Always keep a back up of the original files!!!

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