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Hawx Demo Is Out


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What I mean by turning back the clock is taking games back to gaming infancy when everything was 3rd person or top down type gaming. This goes back to Asteroids and other early games.

Not that far back... the videos look like "AFTERBURNER" to me. fun game but nothing new. I'm downloading the demo right now so i'll report later.

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This game is far from sim territory, it's as much a simulation as Mario Kart is one. Now don't get that wrong, I always liked Mario Kart and still play sometimes. Nothing beats MK in splitscreen for pure fun.

But the MK developers never stated it to be a mix between arcade and sim, it's pure arcade ;)

The only thing real is the look and name of the aircraft, GRID was a kind of mix but this is NFS 2.

About the joystick controls: Yes, they are not what they made it sound they would be. Yes, the aren't actually good. And yes, you should use a gamepad, that's what the axes seem to be adjusted for.

But actually they came a long way, in Blazing Angels by the same developing team my joystick worked as a keyboard.

The in my eyes hindering RC-control camera was still optional then, but now you have to use it if you want to disable the aids.

The graphics are nice when you disable HDR and I wish my FSX would run as smooth :D

On a sidenote, why is my trackir so slow? It feels like a big deadzone + lag, and got even worse when I changed the profile for it from default to combat flight.

And what's up with the freefall bomb catapult that launches the bombs out front?

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I tried it and isn't my cup of tea. Look good tho. As for whether it's a sim or not is a way overused statement. They are all games. Even arma,VBS and the lot. I own em all and the only thing that makes them sims are the people trying to sell it. true sim is is like a flight sim that emulates the cockpit. you can try and simulate an infantry situation but it's not gonna happen.Totally different experiences.

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Tom Clancy's HAWX Review is for the PS3, but all platforms share story and features.

This arcade-style aerial-combat game has plenty to offer those flying solo, but it doesn't offer much in the way of competitive multiplayer content.

After tackling squad-based third-person combat in Ghost Recon, stealth action in Splinter Cell, and strategy in EndWar, Ubisoft's Tom Clancy brand takes to the skies in HAWX (High Altitude Warfare--Experimental). The game features intense dogfights, gorgeous scenery and planes, and an instantly accessible, arcade-style air combat experience. Multiplayer options are limited, and different planes don't offer as much variety as they should, but HAWX lives up to the quality of the brand and is a good aerial-combat game in its own right.

GS gives it a 7.5.

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