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Favorite gun???


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bah, the pip is way too slow to close down for my taste,

I LUV the (marine) sniper kit 3 (the 12x one). But I snipe quite "special", I know it is not the best, but it just suits me well.

If not drunk enough so I can stand (and even run), I usually go for the QBZ, it's single shoot fire is way more precise than it's reticule let suggest, plus it close down FAST. I can outsnipe sinpers with it, while standing. So I can run + stop, turn and aim + snipe (I said snipe, not shoot) in 0.2 seconds. As fast as the sightee, but hitting a target 3 time farther! Sure It does not happen often, but when it happens they are the most amazing kills you can get!

(and in real life, gotta be the sig550 in countries, and 552 in cities, or famas maybe (but too expensive) (but nice) (but expensive))

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7.62 rifle

VZ58 (czech AK)

M4 SOCOM is my favourite over the MP5SD

Even the good old M16, pretty accurate and decent stopping power. doesnt sound that great though

Dont mind the OICW (or M29 as I believe it will called when it's in service). Very accurate but not as hard-hitting as i would like... the 20 mil cannon is ace

SA80 aint too bad, quick re-aiming even while on the move

M240G or M60 are my favourite LMG's, nothing beats the sound of that M60 in the tin shacks in Ghost Town (i've got a 200W 6.1 dts amp and the full array of speakers...)

7.62 sniper or silenced SR25 for the long-range stuff...

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After playing the game to death (Yes I need to get X-box Live), and trying all sorts of strange combos..such as finishing the game (on elite) with only a Demo' dude, I was suprised to tinker with the A-91 (Henkel's-sp? weapon).

While its 20 rnd clip is shamefully short for an assault weapon I found it to be a delightful 'tactic' weapon, and offers great reliable kills (above the waist) even at great distance (single shot). IMHO This is a weapon that will do well to support a real cunning player. :ph34r:

Also IMHO besides the Bizon, the A-91 has an awesome wicked sound to it, and I'm sure must be pretty evil sounding beastie as it is being fired in ones direction.

BTW: in the real world there is a sniper version (drool).

VSK-94 sniper

Now that would be a way cool mod..if only X-box had mods...sigh.

Here is another site with some cool pics of it apart and together...site has bandwidth problems often so might or might not be up (today).


Second weapons for me would be the SA-80, and third would be the M-14.




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PKM - when you need to lay down a wall of lead

When you need a wall of lead: MG3.

MG3 =

Accuracy: NO

Rate of Fire: Yes

Plenty of Ammo: yep.

In the XBox Island Thunder, the best mission is the bridges on defend. Take your six guys with MG3, take cover on the hill top and let the Verdun reinactment begin...

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