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Gr Tournament 2009

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OK folks - its back on - I had a well-earned break from GR modding and I'm feeling ready to deliver on this project.

Give me a couple of days to organise things - and then I'll start preparing list of names who are competing, packing mod etc etc

I am thinking at this stage that Tourney will run in November-December or so but preparing now is critical so I dont stuff it up.

Spread the word folks - lets pack em in for this competition.

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How i get scores and how i lose scores D:

"Good try = 40" now that's what i needed?

Yes, 40 is your score for that mission, so that's what you need to tell Lightspeed.

What? I score 40points when i dont even have the map yet!

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lol no.

you ask me for mission when you are ready to start.

you can score up to 100 points if you complete objectives and lose no more then 1 man.

or do less objectives if you dont want to risk losing mission.

you will head to Extraction when ever you like and you must get all men to Extraction and points will be issued based on how many objectives you completed and how many of your team died,

if you dont get to EZ then you get 0 points.

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i am not seeing any missions and when i open the mod the missions folder is empty. is there another download besides the one posted I dont know about?

Nevermind I went back and looked at Lightspeeds post again and noticed the big "When you get the missions from lightspeed" line in the post lol sorry jumpin the gun.

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