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Gr Tournament 2009

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The Tournament is not quite ready - should be ready after June some time when I will invite players to join in the Tournament to see who is the best Squad Leader.

Working on Mission 9 now - and obviously it has to be the best as its the final mission. Been playing around with it for a couple of days trying to figure it out and it is really coming together.

This will be a classic GR open play map - choose one path and it will directly affect what happens elsewhere. Choose another path and it affects another outcome. No path is right or wrong - but just a different way to play out the mission.


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Could it be....I mean is it really possible that I have finished scripting the last mission?

Yes it is...thankfully...it's bloody exhausting.

So now I can start the process of testing to make sure they are all bugfree and fair and work properly.

All the artwork is finished too.

And then the Forum...geez it goes on and on.

Anyway, I'm in the homestretch now........

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Hmmm, realistic mission objectives designed to be challenging and not a case of how many snipers can be placed in small cubby holes of no strategic worth or behind so much foliage as to make the jungles along the Sepik River in Papua look as open as my mum's front garden. Can't ask much for much more than that.

Great project, Lightspeed, hope your work and the work of others is taken note of before the next version of GR comes out and we have to correct un-catered for aspects for that as well.

Love the random patrol, etc facet too, looking forward to the release

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welcome Ronbo -

well I did think about putting the machine gun nest inside a warehouse in the same building you will need to enter in order to extract a la GRAW2, but decided at last minute to put a tank in there instead.

i know...it will be a blast!! ;)

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soon mate - i need a break b4 i commit to the hosting - still some testing to do as well - but will be worth the wait.

I thought these tourney's only take a few minutes to make<----------------yes i'm in a factious mood : ) Hello all

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You know you wanna !!!

Like the mapmakers in GRAW, GRAW 2 etc, you really are appreciated by the GR comunity mate so take as long as you deem fit as everything I have seen you do has been worth playing and well worth waiting for.



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"GHOST RECON TOURNAMENT 2009 - will be delayed until I can be bothered hoasting - sorry - that day may never come!"

Sorry to hear - (got yourself a life IRL? Or just GR totaly burned out?) - Will the already constucted missions be able to download, if You really are to skip the tournament part? Guess a lot ot dedicated players are waiting for them...

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