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Gr Tournament 2009

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As requested here is the new thread - this is still very much a WIP - but my motivation is high - I have found something that I really want to do - it's been a while.

So the story so far.....

What have I tested re: Ghost Recon skill set?

1. SP - Behind Enemy Lines - One person caught behind enemy lines - trying to get home safe and complete tasks along the way - great first tourney.

2. MP - The Golden Triangle - a Tournament Campaign set in Myanmar (Burma) testing the skills of a COOP unit - 3 - 4 players - another great test.

3. MP - 2 person - trying to create the feel of a real 2 man Sniper Team - seem to work well and to date has been downloaded 2874 times in less then 12 months!

So what was left to test I thought, and I thought, and thought......and then it clicked.

What do I suck at and yet others say they are great at it and have completed all GR Campaigns as a result?

Single Player control of a squad - just you, your AI squad, and your leadership abilities and control in pressure situations. Who is the best?

All I know is, there are a bunch of ppl out there who think they could give it a pretty good crack and so for you I dedicate the Tournament Mod.


What's involved then? :unsure:

Great question - glad you asked. :thumbsup:

As Leader of your GR Squad, you will be allowed to take up to 6 men into a mission - broken up into Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie as you see fit. :yes:

Awesome - I'll take all 6 then you say. :yes:

Yep - no worries. :thumbsup:

Just remember that for each Squad Member who dies - you will lose points!! :wall:

Second thoughts huh? :D

Well, let me continue then.......

You will have to complete between 1 and 3 objectives per mission - a Primary Objective worth several points and up to two Secondary Objectives to build up your points.

But every man you lose deducts one point.

So as usual it's all about Risk vs Reward.

Maximum - 100 points

Minimum - 0 points (if you don't extract)

Minimum if you Extract - 20 points

Tell me more please.


You are Squad Leader for the Navy Seals.

Your core capabilities are direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism, information operations, and unconventional warfare.

For this Tournament all of your skills will be tested - commanding your squad obviously, but also demonstrating that you are worthy of leading the squad. You will use your entire skill set - Sniping, Stealth, Search and Rescue, CQB, Demolitions, Recon, Assault, and anything else I can throw at you.

But this won't be unrealistic - I want you to succeed - I want you all to prove that you are worthy of shouting the GR name - we are tactical - we are not run n gun - we are not linear.

But are you the Best of the Best?

You will face numbers of enemy that you might expect - not thousands - just enough to make you work for success.

You will encounter realistic objectives and act accordingly.

You will expect the unexpected - all of these missions have random elements - and you will rarely play the same mission twice.

So that's it for now - much work still to be done - but 3 missions are almost complete.

Weapons are being prepared as we speak, and the finest modded materials are being put together.

All maps have rarely been seen or used - but if so, will be fresh and exciting for this Tourney with randomiser working.

No date for release yet - but I will keep you posted and tease you as I go.

Quick Random Note - ppl have asked won't random take away the fairness? Shouldnt it be the same for everyone?

The randomness is closer to real life - you cannot expect to walk into the same place twice and have the same stuff happen in exactly the same place.

So a Target may shift position.

A Patrol might work a different zone.

Enemy may appear from that door this time - but the back door next time.

You won't know - you shouldn't know.

But the tests will be the same and the numbers of AI will be the same - it is all balanced - it will all be fair.

Good Luck.


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Sounds like a blast. :thumbsup:

No doubt you already have this stuff covered but here are a couple of ideas...

Limit the weapon loadouts/kits to what you would actually find in that units TOE.

Disable the Specialists, reduce the amount of AI Ghosts available in the queue, and lock the Combat Points/stats to the individual AI who gains it...just to make who you bring along -and who you bring back- more important to the upcoming missions, rather than just losing points in the current one.

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Damn you've done it again, I don't know how you dream these babies up! Awesome idea!!

There was a short movie posted in the GRAW 2 forum last week showing how one guy had perfected an AI tactical move, kinda got me interested in using AI again, now this tournament, superb.

One thought, although I just know you got it covered, how to make sure that competitors make the most of the AI, how to reward them for good squad management...... intriguing!

Congrats Lighty, you've done it again!

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One thought, although I just know you got it covered

Pun intended right? :D

Just to keep you informed - I have a tester and we are working the scenarios as I script to emsure that we are building in the tactical leadership for the Tourney - he is also a brilliant technical advisor and helps me to keep these missions on track and realistic. Thanks to....you know who you are. ;)

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When the Mod is nearer completion this will all be clarified.

Still a lot to do - but the good thing is - a lot is being done.

Missions, skins, kits, scoring, etc etc - is all progressing nicely.

Could be MARSOC - GR TOURNAMENT 2009? :\

Please note - if it's quiet from me for a week - it's not bcoz I've dropped this - I'm on holidays - woohoo!!

Surfing and golfing and drinking - luverly

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back from holidays and back into mod work

had a chat to MARSOC this week and doesn't look like they will be available for the Tourney - too busy with work and training, however, will keep you posted....

ok well its been confirmed today - the Navy Seals are in - and will be providing their services under your guidance of course in three vastly different terrains, namely - desert, woodland and winter landscapes.

thanx guys and also for the arsenal of weapons that our Squad Leaders will be able to select for their missions.

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ok quick update - without revealing too much at present.

I have just finished the third mission - all well-refined and playing as intended.

Started on the 4th tonight...having a bit of a rethink how I build this one - but I've already built it twice before so once I settle on the details - shouldnt take too long.

Then there are another 2 to knock out.

I figure 6 varied missions should sort out winners from the rest.

Still much testing to do of course but along with my advisor - we have settled on the maps, missions and required mods for the Tourney.

that's it for now.

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wow that 4th mission - i just was never totally happy with my mission concept so kept hitting brick walls on how to do it.

finally, figured it out and it's a beauty so starting on a clean slate so i dont get IGOR buggin out on me and should have it ready for testing by the end of the weekend. fortunately, i have built the scenario on my test map and no where verything goes now so will be quite easy from here on...awesome map too.

then we move on to new terrain and exciting new missions.

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Hi mate - you would send in you replay and score to prove your performance.

A Quick Save would be revealed in replay - your replay would only start from last save point not from mission start.

There will also be severl other checks along the way but you won't know about those :)

Hey Lightspeed this tourney you did or doing what was it? I wasnt around at the time and I am not following the posts very well. Thanks for the info

more will be explained as I go - but basically the Tournament involves releasing missions to players with time limits on returning scores and the replay of mission as proof of score achieved.

your score will be posted in the tournament table alongside the other competitors to see how you compare.

it's all a bit of fun really but i like players to be honest and 99.9% are.

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Sairus that is highly classified information - I can say that you will require desert, woodland and winter camo.

Ok makes list of essentials:

Thermal Underwear in various YET fashionable camos.

Hand warmers

2 cases of slim jims

2 jugs if WAWA Diet Green Tea

Picture of my Mammy

OK im ready where's the signup list?

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