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Bogie Missions Campaign 1st Beta

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Hello Everyone. I've completed the first Bogie Missions Campaign bundle for beta testing. This is different than what we typically test as this works for Single Player and LAN Server Campaign (haven't tested web server).

Here is what to expect from every campaign mission:

- Custom Briefings that include objectives, tactical, strategic, tips as well as a custom tactical map.

- Insertion location and time when entering the map

- Added Narcom video & audio that makes sense throughout each mission

- Location text that will appear in the lower left corner when you enter that particular area. IE: the City Hall GUI Text will appear when you get close to the City Hall in Operation Evicted Occupation

- Since there is no respawning, these spots are now where the game is saved (SP Only). Added a few additional save spots.

- Added mood and\or memorable music at the beginning and end of each mission. The missions that didn't have occasional sound efx now have them.

- Removed quite a few AI from most maps.

General Challenges:

-Need to come up with a way to create our own "actor_manager" so we can piece together video\audio briefings.

-Need to balance the gameplay challenge between too hard and too easy.

-Limitation: Cannot remove the underscores in the name as this would take a modification of the system's menu.xml.

-Limitation: Cannot use colons, quotations or apostaphes in any text or titles

-Do not believe that you can add just music to the briefing menu, you have to use an Actor from the actor_manager. Which is why I need to figure out how to create or append our own actor_manager.xml. Note that I spend several hours on just this alone and have hit some significant brick walls. I may post this issue soon as I just may be incorporating the xml wrong.

Here are the adjusted maps:


Bogie Training Grounds Small Fog Mission.

- Ran new lightmaps and streamlined them to DDS format.

- Assured that the AI did not storm the spawning point during the briefing

Bogie Training Grounds Large Day Mission

- Ran new lightmaps and streamlined them to DDS format.

- Assured that the AI did not storm the spawning point during the briefing

- Added new F15 Flyby and video\audio to indicate the clearing of the Panhards into Stage 2 of the map


Operation: Evicted Occupation Day Map

- Assured that the AI did not storm the spawning point during the briefing

- Reduced the amount of AI in the first area

- Loyalist Militia are now in 3 groups of 4 AI each. These Loyalists are now controlable by the player (Player 1 on the network)

- Several (16) AI spawn in at the extration point to surround you prior to the next mission. This is to indicate more clearly your capture setting up the next mission.

- Removed both Panhards

Escape from Juarez Day Map

- Not much different, just new messages, video\audio and reduced quite a bit of the AI including sneaky snipers and two 50 cal mounted MGs

Operation: Hostile Oasis Night Map

- Pretty much the same as well. Most of the AI have been left in on this map.

Operation: Oceanic Suppression Night Fog Map

- Redid the lighmaps and streamlined.

- Kept both Havocs

- Reduced the amount of AI considerably. Probably need to reduce even more.

ACT II (Released at a future date) will consist of Relative Sanctuary, Mercenary Village, Sanchez City

ACT III (bundled with ACT II) will consist of Mercenary Revolutionaries Parts I & II and a Bonus Mission TBD.

Here is the first beta for the Training & Act I Bogie Missions Campaign -> http://www.diverecovery.com/graw2/campaign..._act01_ver2.zip {Link Updated to most recent beta}

Please let me know how I can improve the overall game play experience.

Thanks so much,


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No it will not work as a typical coop mission, but a campaign coop with up to 4 players. If you have three or less players, you can use the Ghost Bots to fill in the empty slots.

All of these maps originated from the coop maps that were already released and have been conformed to the campaign coding rules. Even though you've already played the coop versions, there are a few extra sfx, voices, music, narcom video, etc. in these versions that work well with the campaign story.

Hope this helps.


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Well Done

Hello Porter,

Did you have an opportunity to play every map? If so, what did you like and what could be changed? Too hard; too easy?

I personally had difficulties in Escape from Juarez coming out of the bunker and Operation: Oceanic Suppression towards the end of the container section just before the bridge. Too many AI. Evicted Occupation and Oasis seemed just right for my tastes but I'm trying to get some good, diverse feedback.



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nicely done all maps are great

ai does need to be reduced on oceanic and i got a crash trying to use hud onthis as well

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: inside_pos in type <void>








Renderer: normal

Physics : threaded

i give 5 bruce lee's as well :brucelee::brucelee::brucelee::brucelee::brucelee:

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Thanks Yorkshire Sniper for finding the issues that links the entire campain together. http://www.diverecovery.com/graw2/campaign..._act01_ver2.zip

Here is the updated TRAINING and ACTI I maps that allows you to progress to Act II beta maps.

Unless there is any major issues, this set will probably be the final version. This update includes:

- reduced AI on most maps (especially Escape from Juarez & Oceanic Suppression)

- rearranged some placement of the AI

- Increased Save Points (SP Only)

- Fixed several Audio\Narcom segments that were not playing properly

- Fixed the music on a few maps as the General Occasional was not playing.

- I'm sure there is something else that I'm missing, so it might be fixed.



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