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add_spawned_call in type <void>


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Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

data\lib\managers\areamanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: add_spawned_call in type <void>








here´s the complet log.

dsf line 27 is the load of script, but in the script all things look ok.

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ok, i finally found it. so heres what coused the crash

<area_group name="stop_g_run1" area_name="stop_g_run1" group="mp_players1" interval="0.1" condition="1"/>

<area_group name="stop_g_run2" area_name="stop_g_run2" group="mp_players2" interval="0.1" condition="1"/>

<area_group name="stop_g_run3" area_name="stop_g_run3" group="mp_players3" interval="0.1" condition="1"/>

<area_group name="stop_g_run5" area_name="stop_g_run5" group="mp_players5" interval="0.1" condition="1"/>

<area_group name="stop_g_run6" area_name="stop_g_run6" group="mp_players6" interval="0.1" condition="1"/>

they must look like this: group="mp_players"

for sure the numbers on the end are wrong, must have happend during the renaming process.

guess i should stop makeing these extra long scripts, so i find mistakes like this earlyer. :D

so now i can finaly start testing.

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