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Campaign Redux


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Author: Tinker

Size: 9.83MB zipped

43.462MB bundle

Support: www.ghostrecon.net

Single Player / Campaign Co_Op

Redux 01 Timber

Redux 02 Sierra

Redux 03 Quarry

Redux 04 Retrieve

4 x Original cooperative missions converted for SP/Campaign Co-Op play.

Complete each mission to unlock the next mission in order, applies to Single Player only I think?

All weapons available.


Enemy patrols

Random Snipers

Random RPG

Attacking Helicopters

Incoming Motor Attacks

Resupply Mule centered on all maps (Blue Diamond in game)

10 x Save points per mission (Every 5 minutes for first hour)



This bundle is basically a test for setting up standard campaigns, and figuring out a few things along the way.

Unable to add custom video feeds at present, have left them blank for now.

Unable to add custom briefing text without building a mod. Looks like they need to go into the strings/mission.xml. Have added briefings from the original missions just to fill the space.

Saves every 5 minutes, can be located in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\profiles\your_profile\savegames If you happen to lose your ghosts right after a save point, delete the highest numbered save for that mission.

I am not too sure about the retrieve mission, have not played the original many times before. This mission I left

pretty much as standard, apart from adding Heli`s and the Mule.

When you resupply, you will notice your GL stocks up with 4!


Instructions for use:

Unzip and place bundle into custom_levels folder

Single Player select Campaign, then at the top right of screen, use arrows and choose ogr_redux.

Campaign Co_Op create server, select on line campaign server, select mission.




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Very Nice, Tinker!! :drool: Can't wait to give it a go tonight!

Been working on converting the Sanchez coop missions to a campaign and it has been quite interesting. Have had some theories work (save games, 90% of the strings.xml code, taking control over loyalists, etc.), but it's always the top 5% of the coding that takes 80% of your time - getting to have your missions show up in the menu formatted the way you want, maps in the briefings linked to the mission itself, starting the brefing\mission at different times ... and so on. Not to mention, the Bogie maps at certain locations can be pretty hard, so I've already dummied down some of the AI, will probably just need to do more. Not to mention, have to type up all of the strategic and tactical text (in MS Werd for the spall checkor :wacko: ) and link the objectives perfectly to the tactical map during gameplay - which looks to be very challenging.

This will provide a great break to replay these missions. Are you going to redux missions 5-10 as well? The campaign maps 1, 2, 9 & 10 are my favorite GRIN missions and would love to see a refreshing mission 9 & 10!.

Thanks again for this, Tinker :clapping:

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Oh wow...what a great surprise.

That's fantastic news...and even better news that it's a test to create a guide/standard method for converting coop into SP! VERY exciting can not wait to see how it's all done in gory detail.

Dare I suggest a wiki page might be in order?

Well done mate this will make a ton of people happy.


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Very cool Tinker! Finished playing and it was difficult in parts, for me especially Sierra.

I read your text notes within the bundle and there is a way to insert your own briefings versus utilizing the standard ones.

You would need to:

A - Create a "strings.xml" with the following content (using Hostile Oasis example)

<string id="objectives_oasis" value="enter your objectives here."/>
<string id="briefing_oasis_strategic" value="strategic messages here."/>
<string id="briefing_oasis_tactical" value="your tactical messages here..."/>
<!--And so on.. -->
[/code] This is also where you would add your map points during the briefing and gameplay, any text messages you want to display, mission tags, etc. To incorporate these messages, you also have to add this into your world_info.xml with this line:
<info_strings path="strings.xml"/>

Then in your mission.xml, you would just replace the briefing messages with the ones that are in your stings.xml file.


I didn't know that I would like the Saving of the game every 5 minutes as my machine always pauses, breaking my concentration. However, it worked out really well ... except when my sister called and I left the game running. I noticed that your saves are on a timer for every 5 mintues with a maximum of 10 saves. What happens if the game last longer for us mentally slow non spelling players?

There may be a way to create a saving loop using the Calculate command. This is just theory, but you could potentially have a trigger that goes off every 5 minutes, saves the game (say check_point01), then you use the "Calculate" command to check_point01 + 1 so the next time around it saves it in check_point02. You would certainly need to create an xdefine for this with the variable.

You may wish to also consider having saves at special events such as when you complete an objective.


This may just be me, but during Sierra I was killed by a sniper on a hill in the Shanty street heading down toward the ADAT. When I loaded the latest "savegame" and went back to that sniper, he was in a different location. I know you have random sniper spawns, so after a load, do they readjust? May just be a flaw or I'm just crazy. Something to look into as I was then killed by this sniper :wall: . Note that I've experienced something similar in my maps as I save once all objectives are complete and when you die then load the latest savegame, the tag to the extraction point is no longer visible - so I needed to adjust when the saves are.

In Sierra, the Havoc was easy to kill with the predator. Personally, I would like to see it spawn elsewhere and fly in to the theater of operations as it just hovered there for a few seconds and allowed me to destroy him very quickly.

With the Canyon map, the tanks and some AI keep pausing to shoot at the mule. Perhaps adding a barrier around the mule to keep it out of visible range from the enemy. The placement was great by the way.

Great Job, Tinker :thumbsup:

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maps do not work with brettzies mod 2.05 :( get this crash after map loads

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: addon_data in type <Unit>







Renderer: normal

Physics : threaded

its a online server with brettzies 2.05 mod thats all

Edited by Zero_G
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this was very cool, but I can't figure out how to "secure the packages" om mission 4, and there are no AI what so ever? Very strange!

Sry about that, this was a bit rushed as a test for campaign works and so...

maps do not work with brettzies mod 2.05

Oki, will try to check out why.

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