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Trying to host GRAW2 but having problems.

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I sent this to Bogie, did what he told me to do, but still having troubles...I really need help...Want to host these maps, cna any help me find an answer ????????????\

Hey I hate to bug you again…

We down loaded your new maps…What a good job, I must say…

Big problem, we can start a server on a home computer, run a server, no problem. We add these to the XML, add bundles to custom_levels folder, try to crank up the server, and we receive a “cannot fond Bogie_sancheze(sp)_v1_5b†sorry do not have map name in front of me. But the map name are the same as our create a server screen. What are we doing wrong? I see other clans running these maps; we removed all other maps from the folder??? HELP….we run training day and more of your maps, do we have naming problems? How should your new maps be named? Is there something special we should do with the bundles?

Do we need to add something to our XML file?

Will send copy of XML if you would like...



You may want to post this on the forums for server gameplay to see if there are any other suggestions. However, you are correct that there may be a naming issue as the missions seem to be case sensitive. So for the Sanchez mission (version 2 final is out) assure that it is exactly as you see it in the mission when scripting the levels you want: coop_Bogie_SanchezDay_V2 or coop_Bogie_ToxicPart2_Fog_v2

I've noticed sometimes my own naming is a little off (note that Sanchez the "V" is capitalized and in Toxic it is not), so please just be attentive as to the exact use of capital letters and this may fix your issues.



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Post a sample from your server xml file. Should look something like this:

<match_info level="coop_Bogie_ToxicPart1_Day_v2" order="1">


<match_info level="coop_Bogie_ToxicPart2_Night_v2" order="2">


<match_info level="coop_Bogie_Village_Day_v2" order="3">


<match_info level="coop_Bogie_SanchezFog_V2" order="4">


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