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Toxic Revolutionaries Part I & II


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Bundle Location -> http://www.diverecovery.com/graw2/coop_bogie_toxic_v2.zip

Mission Author: Bogie

File Size: 13.3 Mb

Version: 2.0

Web Screen Shot: http://www.diverecovery.com/graw2/toxic-web.zip

Description in the quotes below:


Part I and Part II

General Sanchez is dead, but his legacy remains in this two part mission to snuff out a mercenary terrorist cult that has stemmed around General Sanchez’s beliefs that all life should be terminated through chemical warfare. A former loyal soldier to General Sanchez has information regarding the whereabouts of these terrorists and is willing to give up this information.

Part I: Your mission

1. Get to the city through the drainage canal

Part II:

1. Locate the informant in Shanty Town to give you the locations of strategic value

2. Deploy an EMP to the Toxic Revolutionaries’ nerve agent control panel

3. Exterminate the terrorist cell that will be deploying the chemical weapons.

4. Find and eliminate the cult leader

5. Extract

The six maps containing Day, Night and Fog versions of both Toxic Revolutionaries Part I and Part II are based on Grin’s Juarez landscape with all buildings replaced.

Toxic Revolutionaries Part I has 131 tangos and takes place completely in the drainage canal in between the US and Mexican border. There are two items to note when playing this map: 1 – The door at the end is a stationary door and will not open after you detonate it (this triggers the end of Part I). The animated doors caused servers to crash or would not be visible during multiplayer games. 2 – The water in the fog and night versions looks milky. The coding for the water luminescence settings are imbedded with the GRAW2 code and cannot be changed.

Toxic Revolutionaries Part II has 255 tangos and two enemy Abrams. The only known graphical issue is a building is bleeding through the Terrorist Cell bunker stairwell. This is only a graphical issue and does not affect game play.

Special Thanks the beta testers and those who assisted with an enormous amount of feedback with these missions: Rocky @ Ghostrecon.net, the graw2.pbwiki.com team, Tinker, TripleX, Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Anthony, Zero G and Porter & Twix from the Army of Lion Guinea Pigs. Their names are noted in the Book of Sanchez rants around the city in Part II.

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I've done all the objectives and killed all the tangos in the last mission of toxic revolutionairies. I get to the EMP console and it wont tell me where to plant the bomb. Can you help? I can see there's another room behind the console but there's no access. You can see the room from the warehouse floor below.

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Hitman, you should be able to place the EMP package right on the console itself. Try crouching and placing it on the sides... but anywhere on the prop should work. Note that on the second floor, there isn't any room behind the panel. I believe I stuck something just to the left of the panel just to cover up a defect in the building.

Hope this works for you.


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Thank you, Bogie! We really enjoy your work! Greetings from Norway. :)

A question: In Part II there are a couple of tanks. What's the best way to take them out? We have tried to plant C4, but the tank is moving.

Another issue in Part I, the game crashed;

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: has in type <destroyed c++class>







Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

I had killed approx 86 when this happend.

Specs: Win 7, 4 gig ram, videocard: Geforce GTX260

I've read somewhere that too many custom_levels could cause the game to crash, so I have removed many of them from the folder.

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Hi nowind,

When you are in the loadout screen take a look a the "Demolitions" kits there should be a couple that have the "Zeus" included, you can use these to take out the tanks as they are heat seeking missiles, there is also the RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade), this will also destroy tanks.

The "instancedescriptionmanager" error is normally just one of those GRAW2 bugs that sometimes cause a crash, if it's happening at the same spot every time though I'm not to sure what it could be, maybe Bogie will have an idea of what is causing this.

I don't think the crash you are experiencing is due to having to many missions in your custom_levels folder, the game normally crashes when you select "Create Server" if this is the case.

Hope this helps,


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