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> We cannot get coop_Bogie_sanctuary_v2 to run on our server, tells us

> invalid file name, on our boxes we can set up a server, but on the

> dedicated box no go ??? any ideas ?


> Regards

> Frank

the map bundel is in the custom level folder

I run outher bogie maps

every outher map runs fine ??????

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Check to see if you have another version of the sancturary map on your server, perhaps one of the betas. It should work the the heavy_down.bundle (which is the original map), but if you have it loaded, try removing it and see if it works that way. Please let me know either way. Note that I do have the heavy_down.bundle in my custom_levels directory along with the sanctuary map without issue. However, the server may be different.



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You can get the complete set of Bogie Maps from the GRAW2 Mission Downloads area here on gr.net. -> http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...egory&id=54

The complete set in order consists of:

- Training Grounds

- Operation: Evicted Occupation

- Escape from Juarez

- Operation: Hostile Oasis

- Operation: Oceanic Suppression

- Relative Sanctuary

- Mercenary Village

- Sanchez City

You should also try out some of the other exceptional maps from the downloads section, too, as these were the inspiration for me to mod :thumbsup: .



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I have not had the chance to try Sanchez City yet, I will go get that one right now. I am happy to announce that I will be hosting all of Bogie's Coops on the -HK- File Bunker. Our team and a few other teams out there really enjoy your coops. Matter of fact the guys over at =TAW= have an entire squad dedicated to just coop play with all of your maps in the rotation. Nice Work Mate !!


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Outstanding, Kaos :cheers: Hopefully, we will get more map modders out there as I'm starting to run a little short. Good to know that I, like General Sanchez, have a cult following :hippi: ... perhaps not. Either way I'm probably having more fun making the missions than most are playing.

My current project; I'm about 40% done putting all of my maps into the Sanchez campaign missions. Already completed Training (Small Fog & Large Day) & Act I (Operation: Evicted Occupation, Escape from Juarez, Operation: Hostile Oasis & Operation: Oceanic Suppression) in one bundle and still need to script Act II & Act III. Now I see why folks have not scripted campaigns onto custom maps as some of the coding is imbedded into a few standard xml file (like menu.xml) and trying to figure out what each sound bank file has in them. But either way, these should be fun, too.

Still have the fire islands map in beta with Davros and Legacy about ready to release their versions of the Castle Day map along with a few other modders testing the waters.



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