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Clean Landscapes for Custom Levels


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Does anyone know where I can get clean landscapes for making tdm mission based maps ? I noticed Wolfsong had made several clean landscapes, but unfortunately they cannot be used for custom levels.

The reason I ask is that I cannot find a way to remove the shadow that is left behind when removing a building from a map I am modding. Even after doing the lightmaps, they are still there.

Any suggestions or help .. greatly appreciated. This would reduce my time on one map to twenty minutes tops.



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Hmmm...I do not think you want this but the "base" landscapes are in the editor...but that's just the terain, no grass, no props no nothng, just dirt.

re. the lightmap, that's odd.

1.How did you gen. the lightmap?

2.Are you sure all the orig. lightmap files were removed? incl. atlas?

3.is your mission.xml pointing to the newly gen's lightmap or the original ones?

Map making people...over to you for ideas.

Maps are a black art to me.


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I noticed the landscapes that Wolfsong posted quite a while ago as well. It looks like with the latest 1.05 patch, these landscapes were included, so you do not need to add them (noted by "clean" in the landscapes static section).

The only way to remove the spots where the buildings were is to cover them up :wall: Yes, I thought that this might be resolved with the lightmap generation, but it doesn't. It seems as though these shadows are just there from when they were created in MAX.

I just released a new beta with the Mission 10 landscape (Juarez) that Wolfsong included with the patch and you can still see some of the old shadows. I initially put some buildings and vehicles on top and diffused these marks as best I could with the paint tool, but ended up removing most of those due to too much memory utilization causing lag.

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I think that Dav is closer, if you can remove it ( a building ) so can the shadows.

that means the building wasn't in the 3d max when the map was made, so to add a shadow to the map with no building is very very hard to get right. so why do it.

I think your problem is, the map your working on is looking at an other maps lightmap,

I had the same problem with Heavy_Down.

and the same with the new one I am working on, with timing. I have 4 vehicles in it and I set the trigger time for car1 - 2 sec, car2 - 4, car3 - 6, but car3 moved first :wall:

What it was, I had two maps with different names.

but the same vehicle_id in them, loy_01 and loy_02 etc.. changed the names to rad_loy_01, 02 etc.. and the timing was fixed.

The same with heavy_Down's landscape, unit name was unit_id="3" changed it to 12345 and change the id in the lightmap to the same and it removed all the black spots and shadows.. That fixed it, but what I had wrong was the texture scope.

(1)Do you have the lightmap done right.

And you should have

<texture_set name="custom_levels/heavy_down"/>

<texture_set name="custom_levels/heavy_down/lightmaps"/>

<texture_set name="custom_levels/heavy_down/silhouettes/sil"/>

in your texture scope.

(2)Or have a look in your texture scope, you might have

<texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_silhouettes/atlas_mission02_sil"/>

<texture_set name="atlas_mission_specific/mission02"/>

Remove the files that may conflict with your map.

You should have around 10 or so lines in your scope.

Have a look at my post, lightmaping heavy_down and you can see all the conflicts I had. :blush:



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That is exactly it, Radiator!! Man, you just beat me to the punch so to speak as I was pretty excited to have figured it out ...

In my case, I had to remove the map's associated mission lightmaps and now all of the textures are blending quite nicely so you don't have that extreme contrast between the map and props.

Great work, Radiator!

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Thanks for all the help lads. I have been extremely busy with a website and some other matters and have not even had the chance to open up the editor. I have read all these posts and plan on starting a new team vs. team map soon. This information is invaluable and will be a great help, just as soon as I can digest it. Id be lost without you fellas.

Many Thanks !!


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