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GRAW2 =WEF=Core video present!

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This Video is for 2009.

and present at my birthday .

just have to go home and see my parents .so don't have time to share it with all of you :(

Hope everyone enjoy this game :D

the video link of youtube.

youtube HD VIDEO ~~!

another link is normal

The stuff in this video comes from very high scores match.

the K/D ratio over 7 and over 250 ping .

cost over 2 weeks to record and 3 weeks to make all the effects.

Edited by =WEF=Core
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LMAO @ the guy on the steps :lol:

Happy Bday man!

Kinda looks a lot like halo gamelpay though, just different textures and no jumping. I take it you guys aren't into realistic tactics and all that boring stuff, lol?

first of all ,thx for watching the video.

and we do make some realistic tactics when we play together.

but I don't think It's suitable for making the video.

1. It will discover our position to others.

2. It's too boring for someone do not play this game before

so I think make this video more exciting will be helpful.

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