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Scar Sniper Mod

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With the new year beginning i've been very busy with my new job and college. So i've been working on something in the meantime,




This is sorta of a rough draft, theres still lots of work to be done, it needs some smoothing and tons of detail.

Although i'm very confident about this one. I'm still testing out the scar mod for graw 2, works flawless in graw 1 but the scope is having some issues. I might just drop the scope and make a new one. I rushed on the previous scope i made and when i compare it to the graw 2 scopes it looks crappy. The rifle itself has no problems nore does the bipod. (Screenshots Featured in GRAW 2 Weapon modding forums:TOPIC M16 SIR handguard) So i'm back and i'm going to be working on this from now on, so far we have on the list for this mod is

1. Scar 5.56 Marksman Variant

Attachments- Leupold Bipod

- Long Range Scope

2. Springfield XD Sidearm

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Hope you don't mind if I come with a tip or 3. :whistle:

First of all it already looks like you already have a few problems going on in that model that could be a pain to sort out at a later date.

So here's tip #1 and something you ALWAYS should do before you start modeling: Check your reference for rotation and perspective errors! There's plenty in that perticular image!

Pop that background reference into photoshop and check for yourself, for example the top of the slide is supposed to be level while it in the refence is higher at the front.

Fixing stuff like that before you start will save you a fair bit of headache in the longrun.

Second, the slide already look somewhat to thin if you compare it to the real deal, to get a good idea of how thick it's supposed to be hunt down an image from the front or 3/4 angle...check how high and low the barrel extremes go and draw in approximations on your background. That way you can put in a simple cylinder as standin for a barrel and use that to judge slide thickness from.

Good example on front profile of an XD-40 Tactical.


Third, I'd do the slide and frame in separate pieces even to start off. That way you can focus on getting the individual details right and how they fit together without having to worry about messing up the other piece. I'd leave the frame very rough untill I'm satisfied with the slide's proportions and details and then detail the frame.

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Alrighty, as of now, stuck on the XD. Having problems with the slide. So i started on making a USP. I had no idea creating a handgun would be this difficult. I'm assuming after i've done this i'll be able to do anything. My standards are held very high , because i am competing not only against GRAW's models but Brettzies, and snowfella's models. They have to look just as good. This being because anything else would look like something that goes in super mario brothers. But here is a few pics to keep you occupied,



I wish it was a little easier to see, but right now im actually thinking about redoing the slide.

I need a really good slide to continue.

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I know this may be off topic but i'm going to sneak this question in here and see if snowfella or brettzies or anyone with 3dsmax/maya experience will answer it.

Say i'm making a screw or creating a indent/crevis. In the screw you create a circle , extend it a little, but how do you make that crease, where the flat head of a screw driver would go. Like how do you carve out that little piece to make a perfect rectangular slot? I know it has something to do with creating vertices and the polygon selection modifier. I just need this pointer so i can be on my way with creating these fascinating models. I'm constantly searching for tutorials and can not find any. IF anyone can help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Update. right now i am in the process of asking permission to use unwanted models on the website www.Fpsbanana.com , Most people on their use those models for mods so i dont think i'll have any problems.. So basically i'm going to put some clean honest models in graw 2 and have a good time. Weapons i've asked permission to use are

sig 556 - Not the one brettzies using in his modification but it has a extended barrell and a collaspible stock, sort of looks like this


without the magpul stock.

The other rifle is a Robison XCR sort of looks like this


And finally the sidearm i chose was a Springfield Armory Xd tactical. As some of you may know i've been working on a springfield xd and some pictures of that may be found earlier in this thread. or the m16 sir handguard.

Right now on the mod list is the

Scar Sniper 556

Robison XCR 556


Springfield Xd Tactical

And if anyone wants to order some 3d models or pay for them on any website of choice, feel free to contact me to put them in the game for you.

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Sig556 Render, i just textured 5 seconds ago. All i got to do now is throw in a couple of scratches to make it look war torn and some official sig markings and its all good. Just mastered the texture skill a couple minutes ago, didn't realize it took like half an hour to bake just one 3d model.



3D MODEL designed by Philibuster

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Here are some shots of the Springfield Armory XD Tactical



Model Done by Ted

Just have to touch up those lines on the foward part of the frame and ejection port and the front and rear sight. After that im going to put them in game and see how they do. After this im going to try to find a scope or any kind of aimpoint to go along with it.

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