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If you are looking for the latest HAWX info, here's the latest straight from Ubi.


ERS (Enhanced Reality System)

With or Without Assistance: Ground Attack

With or Without Assistance: Air to Air

Extreme Maneuvers


Official H.A.W.X blog.

H.A.W.X Community Questions and Answers - Technical

This week we delve into the technical details of H.A.W.X, both on consoles and PC.

Which engine is used for the game? How powerful is it?

The engine used in H.A.W.X is developed in house and it's built for supporting a next-gen immersive experience from the beginning. It is based on multithreaded architecture. It is build especially to support our extensive use of special effects. The high number of effects combined with a high level of detail is too much for the CPU to handle most of the time in other engines, which is one of the main reasons that we decided to make our own engine.

Will the PS3 version of H.A.W.X support Sixaxis? What will the player be able to do by using it?

Yes, H.A.W.X will support this great feature. With Sixaxis you will be able to control all the movements of your plane, whether you're in Assistance ON or OFF mode.

Will H.A.W.X PS3 have trophy support?

Yes, H.A.W.X PS3 will have trophy support. We will have more info on this feature in the coming weeks.

Can you give a few examples of supported flight sticks?

Here are a few examples of supported flight sticks for PC: Thrustmaster Afterburner II, Saitek X52, Logitech Extreme 3D PRO. H.A.W.X will also support PS3 and XBOX360 flight sticks.

Will the game support multiple monitors?

Yes, the game will support Matrox TripleHead 2 Go technology (http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/ ), so you can use three monitors to enhance your visual experience with the game. This support is for the PC version only.

Will the players be able to use headsets in H.A.W.X?

Yes, the players will be able to use headsets for both communications with the other players in multiplayer and in-game voice command.

Will there be a split screen mode?

We reached the conclusion that a split screen view would not be suited to our game, especially when we thought about our "special dogfight" camera view. This could become very hard to use when the screen is split into 2 or more parts. Therefore, in order to keep the same high quality standards in all modes, H.A.W.X will not have a split screen mode.

Will there be cross-platform multiplayer?

No plans for this, no.

What are the hardware requirements for the H.A.W.X PC version?

Minimum requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz/ AMD Athlon xp 2000+ or higher

OS: Windows® XP (with sp 3) or Vista® (with sp 1)

RAM: 1 GB Windows XP / 2 GB Windows Vista

Graphics Card: 128 mb directx –compliant, shader 2.0– enabled video card

Recommended requirements:

CPU: Intel core 2 duo 6320 / AMD Athlon x2 4000+ or higher

OS: Windows® XP (with sp 3) or Vista® (with sp 1)


Graphics Card:

256 mb directx® 10.0– compliant video card or directx 9.0 – compliant card with shader model 3.0 or higher

Will the game support TrackIR?

It is now confirmed. H.A.W.X will support TrackIR (http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ ).

Will the Ace Combat 6 flight stick be usable in H.A.W.X?


Will there be an option to host public and private rooms with the ability to change server settings?

Yes, the player will be able to host both public and private rooms, and there will be a variety of changeable server settings.

Will H.A.W.X work with the jdome (http://www.jdome.com )?

No plans for this at this time.

Will online authentication be required to play HAWX in singleplayer?

No, you will be able to play H.A.W.X on any platform, without authenticating on the internet.

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More new HAWX info!


H.A.W.X Community Questions and Answers:

Details (Part 1)

On the official H.A.W.X forum, Community Developer GKane has been answering all sorts of questions about H.A.W.X, from the PC tech specs to every detail about the planes themselves.

This week we get closer to the metal, answering more detailed questions from the H.A.W.X community about all sorts of game elements.

Details Part 1

What are the available view options for the game? I would really like to play from a cockpit perspective.

You will have a specific realistic cockpit view for each of the more than 50 aircrafts featured in the game.

The view options are dependent on what Assistance mode you are in. When using "Assistance ON", you can access the 3rd person camera with 360 degree controls, cockpit view, and 1st person camera.

When using "assistance OFF" you have access to the special dogfight camera.

Other general cameras includes: Weapon camera, replay camera, and cinematic camera.

Is there a limited amount of ammo?

Yes there is.

Do planes have an unlimited amount of fuel or will there be tanker planes, platforms, airports?

Keeping in mind that H.A.W.X will provide very intense and high-paced battles, fuel levels would have been an intensity killer; we did not want to have the player manage it. Fuel management makes sense when you have to manage the whole mission from take-off to landing with long distances to cover before even engaging the enemy. This is not the kind of distance we will provide in H.A.W.X.

Will each player have a pilot who he can identify with or will it just be nameless figures as in Ace Combat?

H.A.W.X has a strong storyline and you are a veteran pilot, former member of the elite H.A.W.X unit from the USAF. Your name is David Crenshaw.

Does the player have to buy new planes or will they be unlocked after missions?

The player will unlock new planes based on an Experience Point system. These points are earned across both the Campaign (alone or co-op) and Adversarial mode. You will also be able to unlock some planes directly, based on a Challenge system.

What will the damage model be like? Can the player decide for himself if he wants to play the game in a realistic or arcade mode?

The damage model in H.A.W.X provides the player with useful feedback regarding the threat. However, we don't fully simulate it, in order to focus more on a great dog-fight experience and less on micro-managing the damage (so it's more kind of an indicator of the plane status than a full-fledged simulation).

The game will have levels of difficulty, corresponding also with different controls for normal, advanced and expert players.

The game will also let the player decide if he wants to play in Normal mode or in Expert control mode; in Expert mode he will have total control over the plane and less difficulty filter.

Can you give us any info on the skin selection feature that each plane will have? Will we need to unlock skins? Can we immediately choose a different skin for our plane once we unlock it?

While playing the game throughout the campaign (singleplayer and co-op) and team deathmatch, one of the things you will be able to unlock will be the plane skins. You can immediately change the skin of your plane right after unlocking it.

Will there be a free flight mode, where you can just fly around the map? If yes, will you also be able to fly only online or only solo?

Yes, you will be able to play any map without any enemy or objective, just for flying. This is in both solo and adversarial modes.

Will there be a hangar where your planes are displayed?

Yes, you will have access to a full 3D hangar with dynamic lights where all the planes are going to be displayed; you'll be able to rotate the camera and change the zoom level.

Will there be a ranking system?

Yes, the game will have a ranking system on XBOX 360, PS3 and PC.

What types of weapons will you have?

In H.A.W.X you'll have access to a large panel of weapons, including air-to-air, air-to-ground, multiple missiles, side-thrusting missile, unguided bomb, cluster bomb, radar guided missile; you will also have access to flares.

Will there be the ability of looking around within the cockpit?

Yes, you will be able to look around you, while being in cockpit view. This will allow you to spot targets, track incoming missiles etc...

How long can single-player be expected to last?

With the Experience Point system, unlocking all planes & weapons and the different difficulty levels the campaign will have a very long duration.

For example, only on a single player campaign play in normal mode you can expect to play for 6-7 hours of constant action.

Then if you add the Cooperative campaign play feature, replay possibilities are huge; for example, some objectives at high levels of difficulty will almost require you to play with other players.

Will the player be able to control the aircraft speed or will there be fixed speeds (low, medium, high)?

The player will have full control over the aircraft speed, he will be able to fly in formations, execute incredible maneuvers etc; so there won't be any fixed speeds.

Will there be any helicopters in H.A.W.X?

You won't be able to pilot one, but you will fight versus helicopters and you will also have allied ones.

Will there be an instant action mode or a simple mission generator for small skirmish like games?

No, this is not currently planned for inclusion.

Will the player be able to have custom planes or custom paint jobs?

The game will only use real planes so you won't be able to create "custom planes". For the same authenticity reason, you won't be able to fully customize the planes paintjobs, but you will have the option to choose the skins of your planes from some realistic choices. We do not know yet the number of skins available for each plane.

Will there be a missile camera? How will it work?

Yes, there will be a missile camera for the "fire and forget" types of missiles. If you keep the missile button held down after firing, you will view things from the missile's perspective until impact.

Will the player be able to end the mission at will when all of the objectives have been completed or will the mission end automatically?

The mission will end automatically after all the objectives have been completed. However, for unlimited flying you will have the "free flight" mode.

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I too was eager to try this GRAW off-shoot but was severely disappointed. The opening graphics are impressive but otherwise, it's a shallow, poorly executed attempt at GRAW's air support. In flight sim terms it's nowhere.

Mike. :rolleyes:

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more than 50 aircrafts featured in the game. - hahhhahaa

They forgot to mention that only 5 of those are accessible and able to be flown by the player; the other 45 are types of enemy aircraft ('non-player aircraft' if you will) that you will come up against but not be able to fly.

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Hmmm, that's like saying in GR you can't play as the enemy. <_<

For the most part you can't, atleast in in stock GR singleplayer. As I recall, you only had a choice of friendly soldiers and specialists to choose from - unless you class Guram Osadze as an enemy. Yes, some modders changed it so that you played as the enemy.

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Hmmm, that's like saying in GR you can't play as the enemy. <_<

For the most part you can't, atleast in in stock GR singleplayer. As I recall, you only had a choice of friendly soldiers and specialists to choose from - unless you class Guram Osadze as an enemy. Yes, some modders changed it so that you played as the enemy.

Yeh that was my point, you didn't get peple complaining that they couldn't play as the enemy when GR came out, so why is it a complaint with HAWX?

Once the modders get stuck in, there will be every plane imaginable I would think...

Good review, thanks for the link.

I'll be getting just because (1) it's a TC title and (2) I've never tried air combat before and (3) I really dig that eotech ground mapping.

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