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Gr4 Engine


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I just would like them to use anything but the unreal engine! Yet for a company to have a engine as powerfull as the Dunia engine and still not use it. Well i just dont know what to say if they dont.


Yet like i said anything but the unreal engine pls. I never seen a game run very well on it yet, and for as much as i like Gears of War even. The engine just shows it age and is glitchy and chucky in the controls for all games that use it. Im almost at the point where i want to boycot anything that uses that engine. Like i said almost there. Plus i swear the unreal engine for all games never run to well ONLINE. Some run ok online, yet they all have a lag to it. I swear this engine is just for looks and nothing more. From what i seen with the Dunia engine it seems to run good and it looks great. The online graphics for the online PLAYER MODELS in FC2 looked not so good. Yet everything else about it looked great. Even still the player models looked ok, but had very bad animations. If they fixed the animations with the MP and maybe tweaked the graphics for the player models. It would be a amazing engine to use for GR4.

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Do you think that GR4 is going to use some version of the Dunia engine that Far Cry 2 uses? If it did....that would be F'n awesome. I think its better than the crytek engine.

That would be great if they would use Dunia for GR. It sure runs and looks great on my PC. :)
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Yeah its an amazing engine, ive seen some screen that look better than the crytek engine...Polished from the pc of course but still impressive. Just give the devs some time to work with the Dunia Engine and just imagine the kind of difference a year can make. The game would be gorgeous. When I saw screens earlier of Operation Flashpoint two, i kinda got scared because the graphics look great. But then I saw what Ubi was doing with far cry 2 and i was blown away at the graphics they were getting on console and pc.

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Although the various engines work great in the current consoles, there is always certain factors that put the old spanner in the works.

Drawing grass at distance being one of them and other techie factors I know nothing about..

To be honest I don't think we will see next gen stuff until we get the next console. the current xbox stutters and has frame rate problems with certain games. I think many developers just saw it as a tech demo and tried to see how many models they could have running around the screen (cough gears2)

Another limiting factor seems to be the host net connection, its all well and good having all the effects but the net seems to be the weak link. well it is here in the uk unless you want to pay.

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I think many developers just saw it as a tech demo and tried to see how many models they could have running around the screen (cough gears2)

Nawh, that's instancing, it's an old trick that recently got into UE3 -- not pushing real polygons, exactly, a kinda bizarre workaround.

Anyway, it entirely depends on when the game got into development. Dunia is a graphics engine, the game doesnt have to play like FC2 to use it, and Ubi was quite clear about their plans to put future games on the platform. That said, if RSE or the Ubi house working on the game got into development before Dunia was totally locked down (probably mid-late FC2 dev cycle) it's likely they're using their own solution.

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