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Hey guys,

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Life has been unbelievably busy.

I'm serving in the US Air Force (PA - Air National Guard, something like the RAF Auxiliary for our British friends :) ) and living in Hershey, PA - home of the infamous Hershey's chocolate company. My town smells of milk chocolate and is over-run with tourists from New York.

I'm in my last semester of college, doing 21 credits of classes and testing out of 6 other credits - a total of 27 credits this semester. A year's worth of school in a semester. And of course commuting an hour each way to get to school.

The wife and I are moving to Pittsburgh in June, she got a job at one of the hospitals there (she's a doctor). So we'll be trying to buy a house and qualify for a mortgage in this screwed up economy. I'm looking for a job in the security industry. I'm volunteering for Iraq this summer, but it looks like I'm going to be left behind. :(

Here's a picture from March 2008 when I graduated from basic training:


Thanks for the b-day wishes! Glad you got the Christmas card Rocky!!

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